Formula 1 | Alpine F1 confident in performance, not reliability

After scoring ten points at the end of the British Grand Prix, the Alpine F1 team continues its rise to fourth place in the Constructors ’Championship.

Team manager Otmar Szafnauer shares his thoughts after a tumultuous race at Silverstone and looks to the Austrian Grand Prix, where Formula 1 is gearing up for the second speed race of the season.

How does the team see its performance at the British Grand Prix?

“At Silverstone we continued to reduce the difference to fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship thanks to the fifth final of Fernando’s general. Unfortunately, both cars were unable to finish the race because Esteban had to retire. We now know that it was an electrical failure of the high pressure fuel pump. Esteban did a great race and had recovered well from the first lap incident. The damage looked worse than it was, and the mechanics did a very impressive job fixing their car during the red flag, to get it running again. I want to make a well-deserved special mention to the mechanics, not only for the repairs mentioned during the interruption of the race, but also for having finished first in the pit-stop competition. There are a lot of positives to getting out of Silverstone: the new upgrades worked well, we were competitive on Saturday and Sunday … But the downside is that only one of our two cars saw the chessboard and that’s something that we have to solve. the context of our fight for fourth place in the Constructors ’Championship. »

What do you think of the first round incident?

“The good news is that the drivers involved in the incident are safe and sound. This is a creepy accident and a scene that, fortunately, we don’t see too often. The FIA, Formula 1 and the teams have worked hard during these years to improve car safety and this type of accident highlights the current high level of safety.I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical with the introduction of the halo four years ago and I am happy to admit that the my opinion was wrong. Only during the British Grand Prix weekend, we were able to see first hand the importance of this device for the safety of drivers. We can’t wait to compete with Zhou again. [Guanyu] and Alex [Albon] this weekend and are very happy that they are both in good health. »

What are the keys to this weekend, Austria ?

“Spielberg is a short circuit with only nine curves. Our car has done relatively well in the medium and high speed curves this season, which is an asset on this circuit. The improvements we made at Silverstone worked as expected and improved our performance on the track. Austria is the second Sprint test of the year and we will have to catch up quickly with just one practice session on Friday before qualifying. I am convinced that we are in a position to come out with good points on Sunday. The weather there can be unpredictable, but I think we have the ability to do well when it rains or is sunny. It is, by the way, the race at the home of our fellow BWT and we look forward to bringing their colors this weekend and look forward to finding success together on the track! »

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