Formula 1 | Alpine F1 comes with patches and evolutions to Paul Ricard

The Alpine F1 team is preparing for its Grand Prix in France this weekend at the Circuit Paul-Ricard.

Having risen to the level of the McLaren team aiming for fourth place in the championship, he aims to keep moving forward with a good performance at home.

The director of the team, Otmar Szafnauer, tells us about the race that the team will run at home.

How does the team want to play their home race in France?

“It is always exciting to compete in a Grand Prix at home, and we are looking forward to raising the colors of the French flag on our land, at the Circuit Paul-Ricard, this weekend. Competing in any Grand Prix is ​​special, but when you’re in front of your audience, it makes the experience even more enjoyable, while inspiring you to be humble. This makes all Alpine staff very proud to be part of a Formula 1 team, and we intend to make everyone on the track proud this weekend. Many new activities have been launched to celebrate our home race, so it will be a great time for all participants, on many levels. »

After lifting your two cars to the points and climbing to fourth place in the championship, what do you remember about your weekend in Austria?

“Once again, we showed that we were competitive, even though it was not a perfect weekend. We are working hard to find short-term but also long-term solutions to prevent the problems we encountered in Austria from happening again. Our last performance in Austria will serve as a benchmark for the improvements we have made this season. We are tied for fourth place in the Constructors ’Championship and the next step is to keep moving forward, consolidating our position, and that means having good weekends and regular points with our two cars. We are preparing to compete in two consecutive Grand Prix and it is important to complete this consecutive one with good results with our two drivers, to continue with this dynamic before the summer break. This is what we all have in mind right now. »

What caused the problems with Fernando’s car in Austria and what improvements will the team make to his home run?

“We have identified an error in the ECU’s power box. This is the source of the problem that prevented Fernando from starting the Sprint Race, and we have done what is necessary to prevent it from happening again. By Esteban , we worked on a solution for the high pressure fuel pump, while exploring what Bosch, the supplier, has to solve this recurring problem.We want to end these problems because we are aware that to achieve our goals this “This season we have to maintain this high level of performance with a minimum of reliability problems. In terms of developments, we will bring to France an update of the sidewalls, which we hope to test with both cars on Friday.”

What are your goals for this weekend’s French Grand Prix?

“First of all, we want to start with a first productive day of free training to deepen even more in the learning of the car and prepare the best possible for our Saturday and Sunday. From here, as for each race, we will do everything possible to comfortably place our two cars in Q3, so we can have a good race and, consequently, a good harvest of points. This is how a solid weekend would look like. What I would most like, for our race at home, is to get a clean weekend from start to finish and maximize the potential of both cars and our two drivers to consolidate our position as part of our struggle. for the fourth place. in the championship. We hope all fans enjoy this Grand Prix at home for the team with some exciting races! »

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