Formula 1 | AlphaTauri: The rating does not reflect the actual AT03 level

With the arrival of new regulations in Formula 1 this season, the AlphaTauri team has lined up a bit. And while the AT03 is far from a bad car, competition has risen by half the pack and seats at points are very expensive this year.

Guillaume Dezoteux, the head of performance for the Faenza team, gives an update of his team’s season, as we have almost reached the end of the first third of the 2022 financial year.

“It’s been a difficult start to the season for us. The car is better than our number of points suggests. We were unlucky in the first three races of the season, almost every time we entered the track just before or just after. one of our pit stops. And there’s not much you can do in those cases. “

“We had a good weekend in terms of performance in Imola as well as in Miami. We made some mistakes, but overall we were competitive. It’s not really our package, we need to improve. And in Monaco, and I’m thinking of Baku too, the car showed a good level of performance. “

“We have good mechanical grip in these slow and twisted turns, we have found a way to make the car pleasant for drivers, allowing them to attack at the limit while driving close to the walls. So we hope we get some good points. at home this weekend “.

Therefore, it was inevitably disappointing for the team not to recover a point from Monaco as the car was working well on this track.

“The result in Monaco was very disappointing for us. Obviously we were very fast in free practice, and we made mistakes in the classification. We did not pass Q1 and from there it was very, very difficult.” From there, and even though the pace of the car was good, it was not possible to catch up with the group in front of us “.

Dezoteux also talked about the differences between the F1s of 2022 and those of the previous generation.

“They are very different, both in terms of aerodynamic characteristics and in terms of configuration. They are also a bit heavier, they bounce a lot as you can see. And of course, in terms of configuration, the El commitment is always very difficult to find. “

“And in this crowded group we are in, small differences can have big consequences in the final classification. Therefore, we are constantly looking for the best compromise between making the car easier to drive and making sure to extract the maximum performance on the track. aerodynamic part. And this commitment changes according to the circuit we are in “.

If AlphaTauri would have liked to have more points at this stage of the season, Dezoteux still notices a great reason for satisfaction: Yuki Tsunoda. Dominated copiously by Pierre Gasly last year, the Japanese is on the rise and currently dominates the French in the drivers’ championship.

“Yuki has taken a big step forward from last year, has more experience, knows the circuits. And knows his engineers and mechanics. So the relationship is constantly improving. I think it’s a very demanding championship for young drivers. “There are few opportunities to test. The winter tests are full. And there are a lot of engineering-related goals to understand the car. So it’s hard to spend time with the driver and let him learn from the car.”

“So I think it’s not easy for these young drivers to discover the circuits and the cars. It’s certainly improved since last year, and now it’s much more consistent. Their feedback has improved a lot. “Engineers understand better what he has to go through. And he’s been close to Pierre, which is very positive because he’s pushing Pierre to his limits. So I’m very happy with the current situation.”

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