Formula 1 | Alonso wants to show he “still brings something to F1”

At the Canadian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso managed to move his Alpina F1 to the front row after shining in qualifying on a wet track. It was the first time since Germany in 2012 that the Spaniard had started so high on the grid.

This performance allowed the two-time world champion to show that at almost 41 years old, he still hadn’t lost any of his drive. And it was also a chance to show the skeptics that he still had his place in Formula 1.

“It’s not like people are asking ‘who is this guy?’ But you know, they’re like ‘what does he bring to the sport?’ And with weekends like the one in Canada, or the second half of last season, I think they see that I still bring something to the sport.” Alonso told The Race.

“I know a front row isn’t the end of the world and I’ve been in that position a few times in the past. But it meant a lot because when you decide to come back you have to come back without certain elements of your life: family and the friends. And you devote yourself fully to your work: the trips, the physical aspect, the mental aspect and you feel all the pressure on your shoulders. Because you are Fernando Alonso, and because people will watch if you perform. .”

“And I know there are examples from the past with people coming back, Kimi (Raïkkönen) or Michael (Schumacher), and maybe they were… we all had the feeling that they were not the same as before. I didn’t want the same for my comeback, and I think I’m more or less getting there. I am the same as before. And that was important to me. Even though deep down I know I’m the same, I have to prove it regularly and weekends like the one in Canada help to have that feeling in the paddock.”

“I feel fast, otherwise I wouldn’t have returned to F1”

If Fernando Alonso never doubted his abilities when he returned to F1, he recognizes that his age forces him to constantly prove himself to the public and the media.

“You know things and people’s opinions. You have to do hundreds of interviews, and they always ask you ‘how do you feel at 40 and still the same as before? And what’s the ambition? You’re back to 40’, it’s just for fun or do you feel really fast?'”

“Not that you’re mad, but…of course I’m feeling fast. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have come back.”

“Since I will be celebrating my 41st birthday in Hungary, my age will be the main topic of discussion! But I don’t feel any different from last year when I was still 39 years old.”

“50% of today’s public have never seen Alonso fight for victory”

With his last world championship title dating back to 2006 and his last Grand Prix win in 2013, Fernando Alonso is aware that Formula 1’s young audience is not necessarily well informed of his past achievements.

“There is a whole new generation of fans who weren’t there in 2006 when he won the championship, or even in 2012 when he was fighting for the title with Ferrari. There are 50% new spectators now, and they have never seen Alonso . fight for podiums and victories.”

The Spaniard would like this new audience to see him as “a fighter, someone who won’t give up easily. And who tries to give his best in every free practice session, qualifying, race and that in any kind of weather condition and whatever position he’s fighting for. It can be for the win or a 12th place finish. It’s important to me that people realize how much I love the competition and this sport.”

“I think people’s perception of me has changed over time. In 2007, maybe they saw me as a cold driver. But that changed when I joined Ferrari, I was very well integrated into a Latin stable or something.”

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