Formula 1 | After Silverstone, Ross Brawn celebrates the success of “his” F1 regulations

Recently discreet, Ross Brawn, the general manager of Formula 1, resurfaced… a few hours after the British Grand Prix, to rejoice at the spectacle on offer.

This Silverstone Sunday effectively validates the effectiveness of the new 2022 aerodynamic regulations, and Ross Brawn, who pushed hard for it, couldn’t miss this opportunity to congratulate himself on it.

“This year’s race at Silverstone was a classic and a perfect demonstration of what the sport was trying to achieve with these new innovative race cars. »

“It was a relief to see that Zhou Guanyu and Alex Albon were well after great impacts, and once again it is a great example of the progress that Formula 1 and the FIA ​​have made in safety.”

“Then we saw a fabulous race. What I liked was the accuracy that drivers could have with cars. We saw countless fascinating battles that took place in several rounds, with multiple changes of position. We saw that drivers could take several lines with these new cars, and allowed two, three, or even four cars to go almost side by side. »

“The quality of the advances was also high. The pilots really had to work to get ahead, it wasn’t just about using DRS to get through. »

“The drivers are grateful for these cars and they have been very positive. They all liked the change and the new ability to get closer to other cars. »

Ross Brawn, of course, makes the cover, and how we can totally blame him: this success at Silverstone and this year 2022 is also his.

“A lot of them said that while it doesn’t always lead to a direct overtaking, the ability to follow a car closely, press and try to force a mistake is greatly improved. I don’t think there’s a single driver who hasn’t recognized that hasn’t even moved me. “

“The frequency with which cars follow each other and challenge each other for consecutive laps is much better this year than in previous years. »

“It shows that the direction taken by F1 and the FIA ​​is absolutely correct and that sport can move forward with renewed confidence in this approach for the future. All this should always be an important factor in the design and modification of these cars. »

And Ross Brawn even believes that his legacy will be remembered for a long time by his successors, when it comes to establishing the next aerodynamic regulations.

“We’re seeing a new culture of rulemaking. When rules are changed or expanded, the factors that are taken into account are not only the time or cost of the lap, but also the ability to run.”

“If there is any legacy of that time, it will be that now the ability to compete will be a factor that will always be taken into account when designing new cars for Formula 1. We have never seen it before. »

“It’s great to see how teams and sport together tackle the porpoise problem. At Silverstone we saw that the teams had better control of the phenomenon and that the FIA ​​will continue to work with them to eliminate it altogether. »

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