“For Lewis Hamilton, the dynamic is gone,” said Judge Cyril Abiteboul, a former Renault F1 manager.

Can we be and have we been? Philosophically, this is certainly debatable. On the court, however, it would seem that the answer is no for Lewis Hamilton. Just a few months ago, however, the Briton came very close to winning a historic 8th world title. But since the impressive and controversial finale of the last Grand Prix of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi erupted in the spring. Will it stop on Sunday, June 19 in Montreal? Elements of response with our consultant Franceinfo: sport, Cyril Abiteboul, former director of the Renault team.

After eight races, Hamilton is now 88 points behind Max Verstappen. It’s just a small shadow in the back of Red Bull when, not so long ago, he rubbed wheel against wheel with the Dutchman. However, no one is tied to the impossible, and Lewis Hamilton, even if he were, could not turn a workhorse into a thoroughbred. The Mercedes 2022 version was born wrong, everyone knows that. Not fast enough, difficult to drive and especially uncomfortable, especially due to recurring problems with the porpoise.

Behind this name, which refers to a cetacean and designates an aerodynamic phenomenon that causes a car to step on a lot, there is the reality of a back that hurts. The 37-year-old Briton, who is an accomplished athlete, has been tortured since the start of the season. “It was the toughest race of my career” he whispered in Baku after having had all the hardships in the world to get up from his seat on arrival. “It’s a fact that Lewis doesn’t feel comfortable with this car.”Cyril Abiteboul observed. “But when you know that Mercedes is pushing hard to change the rules, there may also be some dramatization of the pain …” And to conclude ironically: “In the next race he could get out of his car with a cane.”

All the exceptional drivers have had seasons in which they have had to deal with a car that had suddenly become less efficient. Then they had to worry while working on possible ways to improve. This is the classic scheme. What is much less, however, is to see how these legends are dominated by a new teammate just landed on the team. And yet this is what happens in Mercedes, with the nugget George Russell … Cyril Abiteboul is not, however, one of the surprised.

“I have immense respect for Lewis and for what he has achieved, but this situation does not seem so surprising to me.“, begins the former director of Renault F1. “He obviously has immense talent, but also, needless to say, he has always benefited from the most competitive car on the grid.”

“Lewis has always been a somewhat mystical pilot and today he no longer finds his spiritual path.”

Cyril Abiteboul

Information from France: sports

According to Cyril Abiteboul, Hamilton could be caught in some kind of energy drain: “He is 37 years old, he has won everything. Today the dynamic is no longer there.” Would Abu Dhabi’s failure, combined with the appearance of a young wolf in his own flock, have deceived the Englishman? “I think he is weak in his energies”analyze our consultant.

Since arriving at the circuit, Lewis Hamilton has often taken the best of his teammates (Alonso or Rosberg), when he has not beaten them (Bottas). This time, in 2022, the Briton is regularly overtaken, in the classification as in the race, by George Russell, a young man unknown to the general public. Waterproof to his partner’s aura, the young man sends his firstborn upside down and is already 21 points ahead of the man with seven world crowns!

“Hamilton is facing a 24-year-old driver who is doing all right. He has advanced a bit in the shadow of Leclerc but, like him and a year apart, he has won all the junior categories.”, continues Abiteboul. Silently, therefore, the former Williams pilot is in the process of undoing the statue of Commander Hamilton. “But beware, temper the ex-head of Renault, Lewis has already shown that he has extraordinary endurance. In the middle of last season, everyone beat him and made an impressive comeback, although the result was not happy for him.

Plagued by a recalcitrant Mercedes and a teammate with teeth scratching the bottom of the tub, the seven-time world champion is in “a whole new equation for him”, according to Cyril Abiteboul. However, the latter states that this situation remains favorable for the larger of the two British pilots: “I’m sure if Mercedes were more successful, it would be even harder for Lewis to keep up with Russell.”

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