For Harmony Tan, an amazing 8th finalist, “the further the matches go, the better I feel”


In the middle of a rally against Britain’s Katie Boulter, swept 6-1 and 6-1, Serena Williams’ most serious continues her incredible career at Wimbledon. And you still can’t believe it. Radiant, it was delivered for a long time.

At Wimbledon,

At his demonstration of the day
“I was tired this morning. And tired, I played very relaxed. The more games progress, the better I feel. I think I’m doing a good tactic against her (Katie Boulter). She’s a powerful player. I’m not. I returned her service as I could and I played a few cuts, a few fall shots, you fly, and today everything worked out. ”

About your opponent
“I don’t think she likes my game. (Laughs.) I think it was also very hard for her because she plays at home. It was our first third round, for both of us. I was really great today by my side. Yes, of course, if I had played on the center court (the game was played on court 2), I think there would be a lot of people for it. I prefer to play on a small court (smiles). first game at 11 in the morning because I don’t have to wait all day. “

On his trip to Wimbledon
“For me, it was impossible to beat Serena (Williams) in the first round. I do not believe it. It was a lot of excitement. Since then, I play game after game. Today has been a great match for me, because Katie usually plays really well on grass. I thought today would be a difficult match and less was expected.

In your lawn game
“I like to play on the grass. I never had it before. And the tournament I played before Wimbledon was more of a football field (smiles). In Gaiba (Italy), I played simply with service and volley because the balls did not bounce on that turf. When I landed at Wimbledon, it was something else. I think my game while varying, with low balls and high balls annoying my opponents. And it works well with lawn.

In his life journey
“Everyone has their destiny and if you really believe in it, you can get there. When I was young, the Federation Coaches (FFT) told me I would never be a very good player with my style of play. It was very hard for me. I had no financial help. It hurts me. When I was 16 I did high school and thought about continuing my studies. I took the Sciences Po Paris exam and accepted. I gave him two years to see what would happen. And there is one person who believed in me. It was Nathalie Tauziat when she was 18, and we’ve been working together ever since. I think it works today (smiles).

In its encounter with Nathalie Tauziat (its trainer)
“I didn’t have a coach at the time. It was in the dark. I asked my mother to help me. He managed to find Nathalie’s number. She had answered us. It was already huge. And he told us “why not, come to my place in the southwest and we’ll see what we can do.” We took the car the same evening and drove seven hours. I was dead when I arrived. We did ten days of training with her and it started like that. »

To Sam Sumyk (famous French coach who also trains him)
“He left for Los Angeles three weeks ago because his wife will give birth. He couldn’t come to Wimbledon. We talk a lot on the phone every day. I don’t know if he’s surprised, me. We’ve worked a lot together since February. He’s in my side regularly.He made me evolve and asked me to be much more aggressive when I was a defensive player at the start.He told me my game would be perfect on turf.He told me that if he continued to be offensive, he could aim at the level very high. His experience helps me a lot in the big tournaments. It’s the first time I play a lot. “

On the absence of points
“I know it will be very difficult to qualify for the US Open because I only have one tournament to qualify after Wimbledon. With the points I would be guaranteed to enter the US Open table ( at worst it would become 75e if the tournament gave points). But hey, it’s still a Grand Slam. I appreciate it a lot and frankly I don’t care that there are no points. »

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