Football – Bordeaux officially demoted to National, “misunderstanding” of the club

The future of Bordeaux has darkened considerably. Despite the optimism shown among the Girondins in recent days, the appeal committee of the DNCG did confirm this Tuesday the descent of the club to Nacional, pronounced on June 14. The leaders of Bordeaux had to raise an estimated 40 million euros to participate in League 2. But the economic agreements presented by the club’s president, Gérard López, obviously did not convince the DNCG. And Bordeaux is now exposed to a bankruptcy filing.

Lopez had clearly hinted that an unfavorable decision by the DNCG runs the risk of rushing the club towards that result. The Girondins, however, will file an appeal with the CNOSF, but “without really believing it,” according to RMC Sport, given the deadlines. As it stands, Bordeaux, which went down sportingly from L1 to L2 at the end of last season and, therefore, now at Nacional administratively, simply runs the risk of judicial liquidation. If so, Bordeaux could fall even lower, in the National 3.

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A complex financial agreement

However, it appeared that Lopez had reached an agreement with the club’s two creditors, King Street and Fortress, to meet DNCG requirements. The president of Bordeaux himself had to put his hand in his pocket worth 10 million euros through his company Jogo Bonito. It had also negotiated, through an agreement with its creditors, a mandatory line of credit, estimated at 14 million euros, to cover possible future sales in the transfer market with the possible departures of Hwang Ui-jo, Sekou Mara , Jean Onana and Albert. Elis. Finally, López had achieved that the percentage obtained in the sale of the ex-brothel Aurélien Tchouaméni to Real Madrid, estimated at 8.3 million euros, was not intended to pay part of the debt to its creditors, valued at 52 million euros, and so it remains. in the coffers of the club.

But the complex terms of this financial package were certainly not considered reliable enough by the DNCG. In addition to the appeal to the CNOSF, Bordeaux also intends to suspend the decision of the French football financial police detained the judge in the administrative court rooms, according to RMC. This could lengthen the case in the courts, before a possible last resort to civil justice. But, specifically, there is little chance that the Girondins will win their case. It is the National that awaits them. Or worse.

An “incomprehensible” decision, appeal to the CNOSF

Bordeaux reacted in the early afternoon through a press release, judging the DNCG’s decision “incomprehensible. “” The club expresses its incomprehension at this decisionsays the statement. The club and its shareholder have, in fact, presented a project considered by all professionals to be solid and which responds point by point to the expectations expressed by the commission in the first instance. With this collective effort, FC Girondins de Bordeaux has the financial means to participate in the Ligue 2 championship next season, with the highest budget of this championship, and to pursue its goal of rapid promotion to the Ligue 1. This demonstrates total commitment. of Gérard López in the rescue of the club “.

The president of the Girondins confirmed that he was going to file an appeal with the CNOSF. “This unjust decision is unacceptable and incomprehensiblehe declared. I say this very clearly this evening to the supporters, to the people of Bordeaux and to all those who have white and navy blood: I will fight to the end and that is why we have decided to appeal this unjust decision.“.

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