Federal 2: Leucate Sporting Club finds a second youth

Promoted to Federal 2, the Leucate is approaching the start of the season and especially the beginning of its summer preparation. A young squad, a new squad and a new competition, Sporting has a big challenge ahead.

They will be numerous this Friday 22 July in the meadow of the Sporting Club Leucate Corbières Méditerranée. The holidays are over and it’s time for fitness and attention for those who could have enjoyed it a little too much. He will sweat and blow seriously during this first training session under the leadership of new coaches Léo Griffoul and Loïc Montagne. Sporting, who are returning to Federal 2, two years after being demoted at the request of federal authorities, are back with new ambitions and an expanded group of 25 new players, including 13 under-20s.

No flashy transfer, except for Guillaume Namy (RC Narbonnais), but guys willing to fully commit. “I met young players from rugby schools (Gruissan, Prades, Ceret, editor’s note) and amateur series (EFSC, Canet d’Aude, editor’s note). They know they will hit the wall. They also know that this same wall will move forward “welcomes Joël Castany, co-president of Sporting with Stéphane Pujolle.

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new blood

This is Leucate’s bet. Maintain its staff (more than 90%), expand its staff especially to be more efficient in the medical field by hiring a new osteo-physiotherapist and a digital physical trainer and, therefore, play the assets of young people. “We had to rejuvenate and develop our squad. We stood up straight and chose players without business cards. It’s a bias. It won’t change anything. We’ll be there next season.”, says Joel Castany. This is good because Sporting is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first French championship title this summer. Older people just have to watch out!

This will need, however, to exist in a high group of 12 clubs (Palavas-Lunel, Prades, Balma, Gaillac, Saint-Sulpice la Pointe, ES Catalane, Servian-Boujan, Pézenas, Villefranche de Lauragais, Millau and the Salanque Côte Radieuse, editor’s note). Two friendlies are already planned, on August 13 against AS Monaco (Fédérale 3) in a field yet to be defined and at the end of August in Leucate against Quillan-Limoux (Fédérale 3). Before the sailors leave for an oxygenation course in early September, then hostilities begin at the French championship the following weekend (September 10 and 11).

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It should be noted that Sporting will host, in its meadow, a friendly match on the evening of August 5 (20 h) between the teams of RC Narbonnais (National 1) and Montauban (PRO D2).

Template changes


  • Robin Rappeneau (RO Castelnaudary)
  • Yann Ecochard (retired)
  • Alexis Pichardie (retired)
  • Anthony Masi (retired)
  • Mathieu Siro (coach – Ceret)
  • Vincent Régis (Physiotherapist – RC Narbonnais)
  • Sam Boukhers (physical trainer – Dijon)
  • Thomas Michelle (video analyst – Lyon)
  • Jacques-Louis Podgieter (coach – USAP)
  • Gwenaël Ponthier (retired)


  • Valentin Guedeau * (center – Céret)
  • Thomas Sounac * (center – Gruissan)
  • Jean-Christophe Anglade * (extreme – RC Narbonnais)
  • Matthias Auriol * (pillar – recovery)
  • Amaury Borras * (second row – Cabestany)
  • Quentin Garrido * (half scrum – Gruissan)
  • Esteban Moussa * (third line – Gruissan)
  • Théo Garcia * (opening – Gruissan)
  • Tom Costa * (center – RC Narbonnais)
  • Yann Marty * (whore – Gruissan)
  • Jordi Pérez * (third central line – Quillan)
  • Dimitri Kollar * (whore – St-Priest)
  • Charly Diget * (pillar – EFSC)
  • Laurent Baills (extreme – Prades)
  • Guillaume Namy (extreme – RC Narbonnais)
  • Dylan Froment (city center – Vendres)
  • Enzo Terrigno (prop / hooker – ESFC)
  • Mauvau Medjebeur (extreme – recovery)
  • Pascal Leydet (middle / back of scrum – Avignon)
  • Thibaut Lapacherie (back – recovery)
  • Didier Delacruz (whore)
  • Clement Combes (extreme)
  • Alexis Santaeulalia (third line-Corbières Maritimes)
  • Jérémy Treig (side – Canet d’Aude)
  • Kévin Demilly (third line – Canet d’Aude)
* players under 20 years

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