FC Grenoble becomes leader after its new victory against Aurillac!

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In Grenoble (Stade des Alpes): FC Grenoble beat Stade Aurillacois 17-9 (half-time: 14-6).

Mild weather, very nice grass. Referee: Mathieu Noirot (Occitanie league). Spectators: 6877.

Points for Grenoble: 2 Qadiri tests (28e31e), 2 conversions of Barthélémy (28e31e), 1 Barthélémy penalty (57e).

Points for Aurillac: 3 palm penalties (9e38e63e).

Etemporary expulsions: Hepetema (41e), Nixon (69e) in Grenoble.

GRENOBLE : H. Trouilloud – W. Hulleu, B. Ezcurra, Hepetema (R. Trouilloud, 61e), Qadiri (Fusier, 44e) – (o) Barthélémy, (m) F. Ezcurra – Blanc-Mappaz, Muarua (Douglas, 52e), Martel (Berruyer, 61e) – Halaifonoa (Muarua, 76e), Madeira – Mountain (Nixon, 52e), Orioli (Sarragallet, 61e), Gauthier (Zhvania, 44ethen Gauthier, 57ethen Zhvania, 64 years olde).
Temporary substitution: Blanc-Mappaz for Montagne (71

AURILLAC: A. Neisen – Yabaki, Niko, Vaccaro (A. Aucagne, 60e), Gogoladze – (o) Palmera, (m) Bouyssou (Delarue, 60 yearse) – Cambon (Gain, 44e), Tison (Rolland, 44ethen Cambon, 71e), Shvangiradze–Javakhia, Masterson–Kartvelishvili (Daniel, 29 yearsethen Kartvelishvili, 55 years olde), Lachaud (Nioradze, 33e), Plantier (Jean-Jacques, 62e).

Evolution of the score: 0-3, 7-3, 14-3, 14-6 (mt), 17-6, 17-9.

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This is not the four in a row loved by Julien Lepers. But it’s a four (success) out of five that makes Grenoble Pro D2 champions at the end of 1.er block of the season. Because Mont-de-Marsan (the previous leader) collapsed in Montauban (19-43). But, above all, because this FCG has found winning rugby at the start of the season. It doesn’t shine, it’s true; but how effective it is!

A week after Rouen (20-6), the Rouge et Bleu wanted to continue (in results) and progress (in style). They only partially succeeded. Especially during a 1d period they will have spent most of the time locked in their camp and without the ball. The Aurillacois, in the continuation of a good start to the season (three wins out of four), played their own rugby; but nothing dangerous. Although the first goal Marc Palmier opened the scoring (in his second attempt, 9e), Cantalous does not capitalize (0-3).

It was the complete opposite of Grenoble. Although they appeared to be having a bad day, not comfortable in their rugby, they produced three flashes in the space of seven minutes, to take a big lead. Despite an attempt (by Hugo Trouilloud) logically disallowed on video (in front of Pio Muarua at the start of the action), they benefited from a great gift from Aurillac – a touch too quick played by Masterson and badly negotiated by Neisen in his 22 m-. plant the first attempt, by Karim Qadiri (28e).

No less than three minutes later, FCG and Qadiri planted the second flag. With another mistake by Aurillac at the base (missed touch) but a great comeback from the Dauphinois field, with in particular an XXL slalom by the captain Blanc-Mappaz to put the Cantaliens on their buttocks and their side in orbit (14 -3, 31e).

It was ultimately little, but so effective, on the part of Grenoble pragmatic to death. Clinics, even.

A heroic and hermetic defense, even at 14 years old

That feeling of hearing all 2e period in which, as against the Normans a week earlier, FCG suffered, at times, but never broke. What a defense, what a show of energy, what solidarity on the part of the Rouge et Bleu to compensate for the mistake of the teammate and keep the goal in goal! For the second time in a row.

Because the mistakes of Grenoble, there have been. In the transmissions, in the hand fouls and, especially in the melee, penalized five times during the 2e period But, even when Sam Nixon left his teammates at 14 – for the second time in the evening, after the yellow card received as soon as Hepetema resumed – Grenoble remained iron.

With two breakthrough tries and an eight-point mattress that gave him a Barthélémy penalty (17-9), he even launched a late attack on the offensive bonus. In vain But a grateful Stade des Alpes still shared the cheers of happiness with the new Pro D2 leaders.

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Fabien Gengenbacher (FC Grenoble, coach) “There is satisfaction because there is victory. Then, in the content, we will qualify this match as overdue. What I said before the match and what I will repeat afterwards: we are three months into recovery, day by day. After questioning ourselves, after working hard in the off-season to get fit, the players have worked hard, not letting us down, and we felt this week that we didn’t have the same energy as other weeks. It was missing a bit. But we mustn’t take away Aurillac’s performance this evening (read Friday), which really put us in trouble. It is not a point lost in the last action, but four won. And I think that bonus point would have been deserved for them. »

Karim Qadiri (FC Grenoble, winger) “There was no frustration after the disallowed try because it was quite early in the game. But in this action, we sent the game and recited the game plan exactly. Before the game, we had worked on sending the bigs flying and then sending the game to the outsiders; this is what we did perfectly. It’s a shame that it was rejected, and I’m also glad that Hugo (Trouilloud) is finished. In any case, we quickly became close. The test, five minutes later, we score again. »

Romeo Gontineac (Aurillac, manager) : “We were well on our way for 20 minutes in 1d break and then the opponent forced us to make a mistake and deprived us of the ball. We have to congratulate Grenoble: they deprived us of ammunition and that’s what made us lose the thread of the game. We failed to have a structured game. We didn’t take the scoreboard and we took a hit, physically and morally. But we still showed some good things. I liked the energy of the players. We need to solve our conservation problems and we will put teams in trouble. »

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