Favorites and stripes from our special correspondent

Find the good and bad points awarded by Figaro’s special envoy to Vienna during the Blues’ draw against Austria (1-1).

Special envoy to Vienna


Mbappé, the Mozart of the blues

Kylian is Kylian, if I could make him play from the first minute … “The statement comes from Didier Deschamps, more than ever under the spell of his striker, saving the goal scorer on Friday night in Austria (1-1). As soon as he entered the game, the Parisian changed the face of his team, before scoring and being very close to the double. This player is extraordinary, it is no longer a secret for anyone and when he plays, the face of the French team changes instantly. His presence on Monday evening at the start of the last match of June against Croatia (8.45pm, Stade de France) is a good reason to go to Saint-Denis or sit in front of his TV.

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Benzema received like a rock star

You have to go to the matches to assess the popularity of the different players of the French national team. 1:30 before the start, the Austrian children only had eyes for Karim Benzema when the blue bus approached the Ernst-Happel Stadion grounds. A crowd gathered to try to see the Real Madrid striker and the French team, more than likely future Golden Ball. Ditto during the announcement of his name on the stadium screens when the composition of the two teams. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappé’s play was disheartening. They were right. But the reception as a rock star for Benzema was a pleasure.

No hole and a very nice party

Ugh, the hole in the grass of the Ernst-Happel Stadion did not reappear on Friday evening. It must be said that UEFA and the Austrian organization have done everything possible to avoid a new comic – and dangerous – scene during the reception of the world champions. If the grass didn’t look like the billiards in the Parc dels Princes, the main actors wouldn’t have to complain. Also note on Friday evening, the magnificent support of the 44,800 fans present to push their nation to overthrow the world champions. Welcoming the winners of the 2018 World Cup remains an event that fans did not want to miss. And they pushed before, during and after the meeting. Before exulting with the final whistle. For a really refreshing moment.

Kylian Mbappé JOE KLAMAR / AFP

Claw blows

Griezmann gone

How hard it is to see Antoine Griezmann enjoying so little with the blue shirt on this June streak. It’s not that he doesn’t feel like it, it’s not the type of home, but the international with 64 consecutive games with the national team seems to be wandering like a sore soul as happened for 63 minutes on Friday evening on the Viennese pitch. Without a fuss or inspiration, the Madrid man seemed slow, uninfluential and in dire need of juice. He even shows a sad face. Far from the essential, smiling and decisive framework that the blues need. Hurry up for the holidays.

A crazy and ridiculous calendar

We repeat ourselves throughout the games, but even if this is no excuse for the blues, the sequence of encounters borders on the ridiculous at this time of season. Of course, all the teams are on the same boat – although most of the Austrian team does not play in the biggest European clubs and is therefore not in the last rounds of the European Cups – but in play four games in eleven days. , as much as during the last Euro, it makes no sense. Players don’t know it or will see themselves as overpaid young adults, but the reality is there. Let FIFA and UEFA continue in this direction with the multiplication of matches, the lengthening of competitions and you will see how the break is multiplied with the main players who are not robots. Worse, these XXL speeds could even lead to doping temptations. But we continue like this. Football is king.

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