Fact: Toprak Razgatlıoğlu tested the MotoGP M1

Finally! Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, WSBK world champion with Yamaha, tested the Yamaha YZR-M1 in MotoGP. The initial contact took place in Aragon as part of a very private session and a little too drunk. Verdict, did you like it? Okay, but still?

There has been a lot of talk about Toprak Razgatlıoğlu for a few seasons. He came to the world of the superbike with his explosive style and his strong braking and even crushed. Last year he managed to dethrone Jonathan Rea from his position as archer at WSBK and we interviewed him just before his title. Crowned world champion in the Rama of the Yamaha Pata team, we would have thought that the racing department made him test the MotoGP M1 very quickly and for several reasons:

  • At that time I was not sure that Fabio Quartararo would re-sign with Yamaha, it has been done since then and for 2 seasons.
  • Yamaha MotoGP can only rely on the performance of Fabio, where are the other Yamaha riders? On the back of the package, to be polite.
  • To validate the Turkish rider’s promotion to MotoGP, the tests must be started quickly

But no, the weeks have passed and, for good reason, Toprak obviously had no intention of rushing to move up to the top category and betting on the WSBK double attempt. Meanwhile, Lin Jarvis must have been fed up of hearing his name and criticism of existing GP riders and said there was no room for Toprak in 2023! Which surprised more than one.

But that’s it, Toprak Razgatlıoğlu has finally tested the M1 at the Aragon circuit. A very private session, no photos on the track at the moment, no videos of the Turkish rider in stoppies on the pit track and just a snapshot between WSBK champion and Cal Crutchlow, Yamaha test rider in MotoGP, to illustrate this long awaited. announcement.

Test Session Context:

  • A day in Aragon in a private session (note: I wasn’t going to spend a day on the track …)
  • 40 laps in total, 12 laps to discover the M1, Michelin tires, carbon brakes, the perfect gearbox …
  • The end of the day was interrupted by rain, too bad.

Statement by Toprak Razgatlıoğlu:

It was my first day with the Yamaha M1 MotoGP and it was completely different from my R1. More power, different electronics, a flawless gearbox, all this is completely new to me. With each lap I learned more, because after the World Superbike Championships it is not so easy to adapt to the MotoGP machine. Luckily, I had Cal Crutchlow on hand to give me advice and he was able to help me a lot. The bike works well, especially on the straight where it is very fast, and it was interesting to experiment with carbon brakes. Conditions were very hot today, so we only did five or six laps after the initial 12 laps to get a first idea of ​​the bike. When I watch MotoGP on TV here in Aragon, you see that it’s a little uneven, and today I feel it here. Not bad at all, you have to keep the throttle open to go through the bumps, because if the fences become more unstable. Overall a very positive test, although this afternoon it was interrupted by the rain which made me unable to do as many laps as I would have liked. I really enjoyed riding the MotoGP bike and I thank Yamaha for giving me this opportunity.“.

Here it is, few things to draw from this statement. Of course, carbon brakes stop a crew; obviously, the M1 circulates faster than the R1 in a straight line … But don’t these little observations tell us if there will be another one? Others? If the Turkish rider really intends to get into MotoGP, especially because at 25, the WSBK rider would do well not to stay too long in his “series motorcycle” championship, all considered for “the series” . If the opportunity presents itself to him, he must seize it quickly. As for the sport of motorcycles, watching the arrival of Toprak in MotoGP would throw a lot … Imagine Toprak / Fabio in the box, not bad! He stays with Yamaha to solve the problems of sponsors in the form of energy drinks and other financial partners, but the training would be intriguing. It is true that few WSBK riders have made their way to MotoGP, but the talented and ardent transcontinental rider may have the resources to surprise us! To be continued.

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