F122 releases its 1.06 patch and reveals its appreciations

A month after its release, the game F122 graces us with a new trailer that reveals its ratings and appreciations of the various media, as well as a patch (1.06). A franchise eagerly awaited by fans and the world of F1, F122 sees itself taking on a mission to represent motorsport’s reigning discipline in the best possible way, while reaching an ever-widening audience. A mission that seems to have been accomplished if we are to believe the media opinions revealed in the trailer at the end of this article.

If this year is marked by a new era of F1 with new regulations, the iteration of video games is not left out. In addition to having to adapt to the new technical and sports regulations, the Codemasters teams went into overdrive with the reworking of the game’s physics engine, which allowed on the one hand to finally have next-generation graphics on the supports in question, and the other. a finer and more realistic behavior of single-seaters.

The addition of different immersive modes and a playlist worthy of the name allows F122 to gradually break out of the “niche gaming” straitjacket that F1 games could once be, and reach a growing audience with the popularity of F1 in recent years.

Patch 1.06 available

Listening to their players, the developers today rolled out the patch 1.06 which improves the general stability of the game, fixes certain game bugs (tire wear, parts wear, time indicator, bug in race mode, etc.), improves the technique and stability of the game, especially in PC where there were certain graphics cards. misrecognized Below is the full list of new features available with this 1.06 patch:

  • The performance of the F122 vehicle has been changed to better reflect the actual season. As a result of this change, the F1 Time Trial Leaderboard has been reset.
  • Reduced MCI/MGU-H wear rate when using automatic transmission
  • Sector time indicators will now display the correct colors after completing a round
  • Improved AI logic when entering and exiting pits
  • Fixed an issue where tire temperatures would reset after pausing the game in online game modes
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the safety car in the spectator’s view could be overtaken by all AI-controlled cars, resulting in many disqualifications.
  • Fixed an issue where HR buffs were not being applied to pilots
  • Fixed an issue where track grip could decrease between qualifying sessions
  • Fixed an issue in Baku where the player could crash on turn 15 of the circuit during the AI ​​controlled start.
  • Fixed an issue with Tecpro Barriers shields coming off in Baku
  • The color of sponsor decals and badges can now be used from a default color slot
  • General stability improvements
  • Various minor fixes
  • Marc now correctly references iconic drivers
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong graphics card could be chosen during game launch, which could cause a crash
  • The game now loads correctly on Intel graphics cards (subject to minimum system requirements and models)
  • Tweaked network session lookup to reduce the risk of NM14 errors
  • Removed AI icon from timer board during safety car intervention in viewer view
  • Kevin Magnussen eye color correction
  • Collisions are now correctly reported in UDP data

Two Player Race:

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases players could not get past contract negotiations in the two-player race
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a two-player race after a summer break


  • Improved mixing when the flat bottom of the F1 car hits the ground, now more audible
  • Improved performance and mixing of tire and skid friction
  • Added new sounds for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the race engineer from mentioning “Racing Point” instead of Aston Martin
  • Fixed an issue where headphones could not be selected as the radio output device on PlayStation 4/5


  • Fixed a force feedback issue with several compatible Logitech racing wheels (G920, G29, and G923)
  • Fixed an issue where the tachometer (revolution counter) LEDs were not working on Logitech docks
  • Added LSB and RSB buttons for Thrustmaster T248 / T128 racing wheels on Xbox


  • Improved performance when the companion display is set to full screen
  • Fixed involuntary head movement when braking or accelerating
  • Fixed an issue with the Oculus Rift CV1 due to template mesh being enabled by default
  • Changed default settings to improve overall compatibility
  • Optimizing visual quality and performance

F1 22 patch 1.06 also brings fixes and gameplay tweaks while changing some aspects of vehicle behavior and force feedback:

Couple of engines

The engine torque curve has been slightly modified to go from a near-constant torque range that oscillates between 6,000 and 10,000 rpm to a true curve with a lower peak engine torque that gradually increases. In short, engine power increases gradually and the lower the number of revolutions per minute, the lower the engine torque.

Transmission reports

The gear ratios have been slightly modified. It is mainly the lower gears that have evolved and now react less quickly to the phenomenon of traction.

Force feedback

Force feedback has been improved thanks to the inclusion of a new parameter: the automatic tire alignment torque. The self-aligning torque is important as this natural torque on which the tire is aligned reaches its maximum before the maximum drift angle. In short, this auto-align pair has two features. First, it allows the force feedback to have a higher torque when the flywheel returns to the neutral center point. Therefore, the yield will be multiplied by ten. Second, it loses a good deal of natural torque when it reaches peak, which means understeer and oversteer are felt earlier and earlier.

Tire temperatures

With the release of patch 1.06, increasing tire pressure will affect your grip and your times, especially if you’ve already done several laps. Codemasters recommends that you use the default tire pressure to avoid losing grip due to increased casing and tire surface temperatures.

The grip of the tires has not been modified. So you won’t feel any difference in time trials as the ‘Tire Temperatures’ feature is not activated.

Finally, since the performance of the cars evolves throughout the season, the patch takes advantage of this to balance the game in order to have a hierarchy in play as true to reality as possible. If you want to know more about the game, we invite you to go to our full test.

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