Everything to follow the 2022 International Cycling Tour of Guadalupe

Route, runners involved… Everything you need to know to follow the 71st edition of the Tour de la Guadalupe.

146 runners at the start… 9 invited teams… 25 in total… More than 1,000 kilometers of racing… Summit finishes that promise to be tough… First stage in La Désirade… Without a doubt, this Tour 2022 will go down in history…

So many reasons to follow the Queen of Guadalupe event. So whether Stefan Bennett, winner of the Tour in 2021, will retain his title, whether Boris Carène will take the event for the 4th time or whether Alexys Brunel, who impressed at the Tour de Marie-Galante, will be there, is important have all the information. From the first strokes of the pedals to the final victory, you can follow it all.

The list of registrants

Euro Cycling Trips (USA-Guam)

1. Stefan Bennett (FRA)
2. Niels Verduck (BEL)
3. Simeon Green (GBR)
4. Guillaume Soula (FRA)
5. Rick Nobel (NED)
6. Matias Fitzwater (NZL)

Sports director: Amadee Da Fonseca


11. Tom Donnenwirth (FRA)
12. Will Juillaguet (FRA)
13. Gwendy Duval (GPE)
14. Wildrick Eglela (GPE)
15. Olivier Chaupard (GPE)
16. Johan Dartron (GPE)

Sports director: Joel Korval

Team Corratec (Italy)

21. Dusan Rajovic (SRB)
22. Stefano Gandin (ITA)
23. Giulio Masotto (ITA)
24. Davide Baldaccini (ITA)
25. Jose Pitti (PAN)
26. Veluko ​​Stojnic (SRB)

Sports director: Marco Zamparella

Cama CCD equipment

31. Julien Chane-Foc (REU)
32. Boris Carene (GPE)
33. Florent Laffitte (FRA)
34. Mathieu Pellegrin (REU)
35. Allan Peramin Noslen (GPE)
36. Alexandre Rabinaud (GPE)

Sports director: Jacky Gibrien

United Sport Lamentinois (USL)

41. Fendley Boyeau (GPE)
42. Alexys Brunel (FRA)
43. Ryan Delos (GPE)
44. Stephane Kittaviny (GPE)
45. Tony Lemler (FRA)
46. ​​Raphael Lautone (GPE)

Sports director: Fabrice Gene

Premier Tech U23 (Canada)

51. Florian Carpentier (FRA)
52. Guillaume Dauschy (FRA)
53. Matisse Julien (CAN)
54. Julien Gagne (CAN)
55. Robin Plamondon (CAN)
56. Kylian Senicourt (FRA)

Sports director: Flavien Dassonville

Team Embrace The World (Germany)

61. Marcel Peschges (GER)
62. Hermann Keller (GER)
63. Fabian Kruschewski (GER)
64. Thomas Lienert (GER)
65. David Scott (GER)
66. Mattheis Oliver (GER)

Athletic Director: Tim Weinard

CSCA 2000 cleaning

71. Mewing Gene (GPE)
72. Taino Caillau (FRA/GPE)
73. Widjy Relmy (GPE)
74. Alexandre Lachages (GPE)
75. Ronald Geran (GPE)
76. Gael Bordee (GPE)

Sports director: Eric Toi

USCG team

81. Adrien Urcel (GPE)
82. Damien Urcel (GPE)
83. Jeiel Largitte (GPE)
84. Audric Blondin (GPE)
85. Yannis Agricole (GPE)

Sports director: Marc Federo

Geofco-Dolcini (Belgium)

91. Christophe Masson (FRA)
92. Ivan Centrone (LUX)
93. Jacques Gloesener (LUX)
94. Theo Bonnet (BEL)
95. Aurelien Biebuyck (BEL)
96. Lars Daniels (BEL)

Sporting Director: Geoffrey Coupe

KAPDL team

101. Kendric Keyboard (GPE)
102. Larry Lutin (GPE)
103. Anthony Poliphème (GPE)
104. Cedric Ramothe (GPE)
105. Mael Vingadassamy (GPE)
106. Neddym Nemorin (GPE)

Sports director: Grégory Lutin

Laval Cycling 53 (France)

111. Gaspard André (FRA)
112. Simon Bernard (FRA)
113. Kilian Gesnouin (FRA)
114. Celestin Guillon (FRA)
115. Christopher Lamaille (GPE)
116. Florian Rapiteau (FRA)

Sports director: Steven Laurent

Autolagon UVN equipment

121. Keran Barolin (GPE)
122. Carl Legrand (GPE)
123. Phileas Hansart (FRA)
124. Philgy Palmist (GPE)
125. Mendrick Etenna (GPE)
126. Joris Pelou (GPE)

Sports director: Jean-Pierre Matou


131. Odvelt Clergy (HAI)
132. Vincent Graczyk (FRA)
133. Cedric Laurent (GPE)
134. Lorenzo Magnien (FRA)
135. Mathieu Matarese (GPE)
136. Axel Taillandier (FRA)

Sports director: Freddy Urie

Vino SKO Team (Kazakhstan)

141. Alexander Semenov (KAZ)
142. Ilkhan Dostiyev (KAZ)
143. Bauyrzhan Zhaparuly (KAZ)
144. Vladimir Koltunov (KAZ)
145. Vladimir Mulagaleyev (KAZ)
146. Yegor Strenilkov (KAZ)

Sports director: Yevgeny Epomnyachshyi

Abymes Youth Cyclist (JCA)

151. Samuel Alphonse (GPE)
152. Lionel Miny (GPE)
153. Jules Lanclumes (GPE)
154. Jeremy Deloumeaux (GPE)

Sports director: Jean-Pierre Nestar

USR Bike Underrated

161. Adrien Alidor (GPE)
162. Yona Desiree (GPE)
163. Vladimir Jeanne (GPE)
164. Jean-Philippe Kondi (GPE)
165. Gilles Suares (GPE)
166. Teddy Tarane (GPE)

Sports director: Denis Mathiasin

Selection of Martinique

171. Axel Carnier (MTQ)
172. Mickael Stanislas (MTQ)
173. Thierry Ragot (MTQ)
174. Johan Gobin (MTQ)
175. Normann Latouche (MTQ)
176. Jean-Christophe Florimond (MTQ)

Sports director: Francis Delphi

Swedish Cycling Academy

181. Nicholas Cooper (GBR)
182. Ludwig Fagerström (SWE)
183. Lloyd Wise (GBR)
184. Aku Koivistoinen (FIN)
185. Simon Cederfjord (SWE)

Sports director: Hampus Akeson

Hope of the South

191. Anaël Mathias (GPE)
192. Ronald Benjamin (GPE)
193. Gael Attaud (GPE)
194. Lucas Ajinca (GPE)
195. Mevick Pierre (GPE)
196. Cyril Hippocrates (GPE)

Sports director: Willy Noyon

Team Madras Cycling

201. Cedric Eustache (MTQ)
202. Loic Laviolette (GPE)
203. Romain Vinetot (GPE)
204. Seppe Vangheluwe (BEL)
205. Yannis André Lubin (GPE)
206. Freddy Hamlet (GPE)

Sports director: Max Macambiu

Saintannais Cycling Club

211. Kelian Duro (GPE)
212. Nicolas Duro (GPE)
213. Tony Chris Vanony (GPE)
214. Luis Sablon (GPE)
215. Andy Luissint (GPE)

Sports director: Dominique Donnat

Canalien Sprinter handlebar

221. Robin Artières (FRA)
222. Hugo Domenc (FRA)
223. Joan Matheau (GPE)
224. Elian Pialhoux (FRA)
225. Gabin Vedel (FRA)

Sports director: Patrick Bord

Central Caribbean Regional Team

231. Marc Lambordière (GPE)
232. Michel Winner (GPE)
233. Pascal Bousquet (GPE)
234. Gabriel Reguero Corral (ESP)
235. Kevin Duro (GPE)
236. Fabien Arthein (GPE)

Sports director: Georges Balta

Gwada Regional Team

241. Djiovanny Dollin (GPE)
242. Brandon Baret Ajax (MTQ)
243. Léonar Palmier (GPE)
244. Stephane Larochelle (GPE)
245. Sebastien Rogers (GPE)
246. Jean Lou Georges (HAI)

Sports Director: Gerville Peter

The president of the Guadeloupe Regional Cycling Committee, Frédéric Théobald, announced in a press conference that he was the “The highest vault in history“. And to confirm his words, the route of this 71st edition offers fearsome finishes: La Regrettée in Trois-Rivières (stage 3), Palmiste in Gourbeyre (stage 6), Village in Bouillante (stage 9).

On August 11, during the 7th stage, a route of 174 kilometers awaits the runners, between Vieux-Fort and Le Moule.

Route of the 71st edition of the International Cycle Tour of Guadalupe

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