Electric scooters and 2-wheeled vehicles: new products for 2022

Piaggio 1 Active

Equivalent to 125 cc, the Piaggio 1 Active takes advantage of its small size and 10-inch front wheel to easily sneak around the city. Strictly urban, this practical scooterproduced in China, it is as stable as its size allows.

Its 2 kW / 95 Nm engine located in the center of the rear wheel only allows rotation (in theory) up to 60 km / h. Overlooking its motorcycle-style handlebar, a small color TFT screen contributes to the attractive presentation and displays all the necessary information.

The Piaggio 1 Active starts “hands free”. Its removable 2.3 kWh battery of capacity (weighing about fifteen pounds), arranged under the chair, leaves only room for a jet helmet. It allows 85 kilometers of autonomy in Eco mode, and 63 km in sports mode. Price: 3,299 euros.


It is good to know this before injuring the musculomembranous organ that is the tongue: the brand of this Chinese scooter is pronounced Luneng.

To enrich an original and already supplied catalog of 100% electric models, launch the NCE-S, an equivalent of 125 cc which has a 6600 W Bosch motor and runs up to 90 km / h. Seva the announced range reaches 90 km at full speed, thanks to a system that combines two small batteries, designed by LG.


The scooter, equipped with CBS coupled braking, includes a dedicated app that allows geolocation, alarm activation and remote start. At the dealership in October 2022, at a price of € 6,999.

Horwin SK1

New in the range of the Chinese manufacturer, the SK1 takes the architecture and design of the electric SK3 equivalent to 125. But its engine integrated into the rear wheel is limited to 3 kW peak and 153 Nm of torque, per a top speed limited to 45 km / h.

Horwin SK1

The SK1 offers the possibility to choose between two battery capacities: 1.87 or 2.59 kWh, for respective autonomies of 71 and 96 kilometers. Horwin’s novelty, slated for fall 2022 in France, should show a base price of less than 3,000 euros.

Kymco i-One

45 small kilometers per hour at top speed, and 46 small kilometers of range in Normal mode; the Kymco i-One, 100% electric, has features of small urban scooter, equivalent to 50 cc.

And for those for whom this autonomy is not enough, enjoya removable battery, which can be recharged at home and can therefore be replaced with a second battery (€ 700). The Taiwanese also benefits from a classic charging grip, at the front.

Kymco i-One

Very compact (1.81 m long) and light (86 kg without battery), it develops up to 3.6 kW and generates a good acceleration in the first meters traveled. Very nice, the i-One, shown from € 3,999will put its two small wheels on Kymco dealerships starting the 2022 school year.

Mob-ion AM1

It’s weird enough to specify: AM1 is a scooter designed and produced in France. Developed by the company Mob-ion, it is an equivalent of 50 cc designed with an ecodesign approach, with goals of repairability, reconditioning and recycling.

The battery, which arrives from Artigues-près-Bordeaux, in New Aquitaine, allows a minimum of 42 kilometers of autonomy, depending on the version, and can go up to 195 km. The management electronics arrive from Nantes.

Mob-Ion AM1

After four years of use or 60,000 km, the brand says it is willing to buy the AM1 scooter from its owner, at 15% of its purchase price, set at € 3,583.

Motron Vision

Behind its reduced roadster look, the Vizion hides a small 3,700 W electric motor (equivalent to 50 cc).

Motron Vision

The machine does it all like an “authentic” bike, with a double seat, rear grips and storage in the usual location of the tank. Its maximum range reaches 65 km and its top speed is 45 km / h. Price: € 3,199

Zapp i300

Its appearance is impressive, its acceleration too: the i300 promises a speed of 0 to 30 mph (48 km / h) in 2.2 seconds and from 0 to 60 mph (96 km / h) in 4.8 seconds!

Zapp, a British brand, unveiled its Z-shaped scooter, equipped with a belt drive and an engine that develops a maximum of 14 kW (or 19 hp). It is powered by two small removable batteries Capacity of 720 Wh (6 kg each), for a range limited to 60 km in Eco mode.

Zapp i300

Allow 40 minutes per battery to go from 20 to 80% charge, from a domestic outlet. Approved as a 125cc, the Zapp i300 is limited to 96 km / h. The total weight is advertised at 92 kg. A trunk (open or closed) is offered as an option. Starting price: € 6,300.

Dance: the new Parisian

It won’t belong to them, but Parisians will be able to rent it: Scooter Dance arrives on the market for electric scooters only available for rent with a subscription. This is a NIU NQi sportpainted with a new color exclusive to dance.

Restricted to 45 km / h and equipped with 50 kilometers of autonomy in standard battery, the scooter can also have a larger capacity battery, which would allow to reach 65 to 70 kilometers between two recharges.

ball scooter

Dance offers concierge service, takes care of maintenance and any repairs as well as assistance. The scooter is offered at € 149 / month for an annual subscriptionand € 179 for a flexible and non-binding subscription.

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