Ducati takes the face of his friends and others …

Remember that the Australian Stoner was the only rider to win a MotoGP title with Ducati, it was in 2007 and we understand why Ducati hangs his tongue so much, he learned Pavlov’s dog in my class philosophy, that’s not shit! What do you say about the situation to our friends at the Gazzetta dello Sport …
At Ducati they focus too much on technique and on what engineers want to see on the bike, not on what the rider wants. And if the pilot doesn’t feel good, he doesn’t get results. “
I’ve written a lot of times that a pilot, sometimes a hero to us, a superman, has once come down from the chair a fragile being that needs to be encapsulated. We remember at the beginning of the season a Quartararo who shouted his moral pain for not having what he asked of his engineers, and then realized, on the GP, that his Yamaha was designed as a winning machine and that had to use as such. . We know the rest … Stoner: “ It was definitely a difficult championship start for Ducati. They started with a lot of difficulty and with some mistakes from Pecco Bagnaia they lost ground. It’s been an interesting season so far, one week a rider wins and the next the rider himself is struggling to finish in the top ten, so it really looks like a very balanced and interesting year to watch. “.
It is obvious that on a purely technological level the Ducati is the most advanced bike, but not the most unbeatable! In addition, earlier this year, Ducati validated its factory bike from a mix of 2021 and 2022 … The only ones that finally have the 2022 are the Pramac riders, including Zarco who rated it best for now, third overall but 58. points behind Quartararo, readjusting a failed model takes time! There are also two almighty entities at the head of the hierarchy, the ones I call politicians, who pay for everything and very expensive, I dare not imagine what it can cost to go through the wind tunnel to try different types of fins or fairings aerodynamic. for example. They also decided, it’s brave, to put eight bikes on the track and also the brand has many good results, five victories of eleven GPs, almost 50%, fourteen podiums in total, but each runs alone, j back to Paolo Scalera and his delicious phrases like a cherry harvested from the tree, he writes that “ in this scattering of victories and defeats, Zarco, who has no crickets on his head, overtakes all those boys in red … »
Well, this last point is a bit debatable, Zarco is also tortured, this year by development. And like everyone else, he has genius strokes and incomprehensible moments of almost non-existence. And back to the problem posed by Stoner … The second entity dominated at the stand is that of Gigi dall’Igna and her brilliant but crazy engineers … In fact, what is missing, the strategy mentioned above, is due to the fact that in the end the stand has too many leaders and not one who decides sovereignly what to do, whom to appoint for this or that position … Still in Italian but in French there must be the same, a saying says that when there are too many cooks the soup is too salty … Only here, it seems beyond doubt, to give orders to a Gigi? Do you have a Ciabatti? Because to have the title you must first have Quartararo. And to launch everyone to this goal, consistently … The divided command structure, here is in fact the real enemy of Ducati … And consequently the friend of Quartararo and Aleix Espargaro!

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