Does the transfer of Dylan Teuns break the sporting fairness of the fight for maintenance?

If you haven’t been diligently following the fight to stay on the World Tour, you must have wondered why the Israel Premiertech team was so eager to sign Belgian rider Dylan Teuns, as he was coming to the end of his contract. end of season With great difficulty at the sporting level and only 20th in the 2020-2022 standings that will determine which teams can stay in the first division for the next three years, the Israeli formation is in dire need of points and has therefore broken the piggy bank. to recover part of the contract of the Belgian pilot, one of the top scorers in the peloton. A risky strategy, however, and one that raises questions about sporting fairness, because even if the rule authorizes movements between August 1 and 15 of each year, this flaw in the system allows the richest formations to try – a few months at the end of the period, to save face by removing the wallet.

A risky strategy and a runner put out

The first victim of this move is poor Guy Sagiv, who leaves the Israel Premiertech training squad to make way for Dylan Teuns, as we remind you, the number of pilots per team is limited. Therefore, Sagiv was undoubtedly compensated, but there is no doubt that the Israeli racer would have liked to continue the adventure at the highest level.

In terms of strategy, the move is also risky, because since the famous transfers of Iranian riders, the UCI has decided that points acquired before joining the new team do not count. A good thing, supposedly putting a stop to the signatures of “point runners”. Then, another item to keep in mind, Dylan Teuns’ first points will not count towards the team total, as only the top 10 scorers see their score integrated into the standings. Before considering being profitable, it will therefore be necessary for Teuns to score 119 points, one more than Omer Goldstein, currently the 10th scorer in his formation, or more or less the equivalent of a success in a class 1 test. .

Does sports fairness get hurt?

There is no doubt that if you are the boss or supporter of Movistar, Lotto, Bike Exchange or even Cofidis or EF Education Easy Post, you must have a very dark view of this arrival of Dylan Teuns within Team Israel Premiertech, because although the The dice are supposed to be thrown from the beginning of the season, the Israeli formation “offers” a joker. And if it is difficult to blame her because the regulations allow her to do it, it is only the money that allows her to do this maneuver, because Teuns is still under contract with Bahrain-Victorious, there is only way to convince. the team gives up its driver earlier, especially when the latter can still deliver good performances at the end of the season.

And the risk without reaction of the ICU to see this case generalized

If the UCI does not react next season, the risk of seeing this type of case spread is not minimal, not at all, and it is money and small arrangements between friends that will come every key period, distort the fight for maintenance . , because I remind you, only money and good relations can allow a driver who has no open conflict with his team to look elsewhere before the end of his contract. So if you have the money, you can hire bank brokers at the end of their contract for 15 days, and there are a lot of them every year to be in that situation.

And when the wealthiest go for a Teuns for the classics, a Carapaz for the Vuelta, or why not a Merlier to win in one-day races, the others, trapped by their budget, will have to turn to overcome, to be overcome. on the home stretch, thanks to the arrival of “top riders” recruited at high prices with the sole purpose of saving their place in the World-Tour.

By Charles Marsault

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