Djokovic puts out Kyrgios’ fire to win his 21st Grand Slam title

The Serb won a seventh coronation on the London turf on Sunday against the Australian (4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6).

At Wimbledon,

In his lair, Novak Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon title under the London sun this Sunday to join Pete Sampras and get a little closer to Roger Federer’s eight coronations. With a twenty-one Grand Slam title in his pocket, the Belgrade man is just one unit away from Rafael Nadal’s record (22).

Undefeated now in London, for 28 matches, the Serb extinguished the extravagant Nick Kyrgios. The latter, author of 29 aces, was not unworthy, much less, but his inexperience at this level proved fatal to him. Offensive, creative, relaxed and relaxed, the Australian started the match perfectly. Kyrgios grabbed the favorite by the throat from the start. Under pressure, the Serb committed a double foul at the wrong time to offer the first break of the match at 40.e global. Well helped by his service, the latter served as the leader (77% in first serve and 80% of points earned) and finished the first act (6-4) with an ace, the seventh of the set. Some fantasies were also offered. A first serve below 40-15 in their first serve game. With a 4-2 for him and a 30-0 Djoko at his service, he has returned the ball with the racket between his legs. This did not stop Djokovic from concluding on the net. Most of all, he played great tennis.

Leading two sets to zero by Sinner in the quarterfinals and one set to zero against Norrie in the semis, the master of the place has been gradually increasing in power. At the start of the second set, Djokovic’s machine varied better and pushed his opponent to make a mistake. The Serb finally broke for … the first time in his career (after 30 games back!) The Australian in the fourth game of the second act. Well helped by the side of the net, it is true, his setback fell on the opposite field. Less inspired, the Canberra native committed more fouls and Djokovic, the best receiver in the world, read his first balls better since the Australian only won 60% of points. He lifted the center court with a fabulous right when the Serb served to pick up an entry everywhere. But he was unable to take advantage of his four chances to rest in the ninth game. The Serb, a cold-blooded monster, tied at seven everywhere thanks to a winning serve (6-3). Frustrated, Kyrgios began to criticize his clan and French referee Renaud Lichtenstein.

3 pressure inlete fixed by a Djokovic who returns better and better, the 40e The ATP player held on, dismissing two break points from the third act. The show continued on the track, like a tweener (kick between the legs) of the Australian who surprised Djokovic, pushed into the net. While an individual was being evacuated from the stands after apparently a fight, Kyrgios, exasperated by the screams of a spectator, verbally assaulted the referee and received a warning for “obscenity” during the 5th.e third act work. And it exploded in the “money time” of this set. Leading 40-0 in his service, the Australian, a little distracted, has added five consecutive points. Pause, then 3e set for the reigning six-time champion, who as always (or almost) has tightened the match at the right time to conclude (6-4). And Kyrgios still criticized his clan, believing he wasn’t excited enough …

The servers sentenced in the fourth set. Especially Djokovic, calmer than ever in their clashes. Thanks (again) to an exceptional quality of the first ball, Kyrgios has been able to withstand the shock to push the world number 3 to play a decisive match. And once again, the Serb hardened the game at the right time. Kyrgios, going through (7-3). And, if he accepts his bet, the Australian will therefore owe a restaurant to his new “friend” Djokovic.

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