DH World Cup 2022 #7 | Mont-Ste-Anne: Finn Islands, finally!

After the interesting XCC races on Friday evening and before the XC that promises to be always exciting this Sunday, Saturday was dedicated to the descent on Mont-Sainte-Anne, stage of the 7th round of the discipline.

The least we can say is that the differences were marked at the end of the classification: more than 3 seconds between 1st and 2nd for the men and practically… 14 seconds for the women! -, so it would be interesting to see what the final would look like, on an equally long, fast and physical track.

So, a fifth win for Amaury Pierron this season? The first of Finn Iles among the elites? Unless Greg Minnaar once again pulls off a feat he has the secret to…

Among the women, could Myriam Nicole manage to fill the gap created by Vali Höll in qualifying to win and at the same time take the lead in the general classification in the absence of the injured Camille Balanche?

We remember that we are only 3 weeks away from the Les Gets world cup and that if a general world cup ranking weighs on a list of awards, it is above all the rainbow jersey that remembers history… what can the card of caution and management for some.

Myriam Nicole So he had a good run for the overall and a bit of revenge after his two mistakes that cost him the win at Snowshoe. A little more: ranked 4th, she had no pressure to start last in this final…

The plan was going great until the second intermediate where she was almost 6 seconds ahead of Eleonora Farina, then in the hot seat. And then, on the fastest part of the track, it all came crashing down… Puncture! The rear tire barely stays in place and the Frenchwoman struggles to finish the race. He finally fails in 13th position.

This weekend, the double whammy, is for Vali Holl ! Impressive, aggressive, efficient, the Austrian did not break down and confirmed her performance in the classification in the final, although the difference is much smaller: 3.147s, even so.

The win is accompanied by a promotion to 2nd place in the general classification, still behind Camille Balanche but now ahead of Myriam Nicole.

2nd in Vallnord, 3rd in Snowshoe, Nina Hoffman confirms her good form at the moment by finishing in 2nd position, she who was discovering the Mont-Sainte-Anne track!

His sixth place in the standings was just a small mistake: Eleonora Farina takes 3rd place again (+4,510s), as in Leogang and Lenzerheide.

The podium of this final is completed with Jessica Blewitt i Monika Hrastnik.

In the top 10, we also find Veronika Widman (6th), Anna Newkirk (7th), Thousand Johnset (8th), Mikayla Parton (9th) i Melanie Chappaz (10th), who has signed his best result this season.

We also highlight the Belgian’s 11th place Siel van der Velden.

Amaury Pierron, Greg Minnaar and finally Finn Iles: with just these three as the last riders to start, it was already a guarantee of an exciting finish!

This is Laurie Greenland which has been installed for quite some time in the hot seat when Amaury-Pierron takes off. Thanks to his 4 wins this season, the Frenchman can settle for a top 25 to seal his overall victory in this penultimate round.

But management is not part of his vocabulary, and Pierron seems very quick. A bit too much even leaving Steve Smith’s famous rock where he can’t help but fall! The Commencal pilot leaves a priori undamaged and completes his race, but many seconds have been lost.

He eventually finished 26th, meaning the title will therefore be decided during the final round in Val di Sole at the beginning of September.

Penultimate to start, Greg Minnaar it is also in contact with Greenland weather in the 2nd intermediate. We know the finishing talents of the South African, but the drama continues: Minnaar leaves the trajectory at the exit of the last rock and is stopped by a tree. He also started visibly without pain, but also lost a lot of time and failed in 30th position.

Laurie Greenland vs. Finn Islands, this is the final battle! Can the Canadian finally transform the test and take his first Elite World Cup win? Ahead of Greenland in the 1st intermediate by a second, Finn Isles lost almost all of his lead but still spun on the green in 2nd, fell back a bit in 3rd and again in 4th where he then had a little more than a second advantage.

But his chain is no longer on the board and he can no longer pedal! It could be played for nothing… Penultimate jump, last jump, Finn Islands can’t restart before the finish line… but it happens!

Indeed: 0.238s, finally get that win!

With his 249 points behind Amaury Pierron overall, Finn Iles is not officially out of the title race just yet. But it would take a combination of circumstances for the general to escape Pierron. The latter should not get any points in the final in Val di Sole, while at the same time Finn Iles should win to get the most points (250)…

Three good seconds behind the duo, Troy Brosnan signs an outstanding performance with his 3rd place, when he had missed the first two days of the season due to injury and since his return he had never done better than 15th in the Final.

Aaron Gwin i Bernard Kerr completing the podium (and what a podium!), respectively 5.8 and 6.8 seconds behind Finn Iles.

In the top 10, we also find the surprising Loris Revelli (6th) i Ethan Craig (7th), followed by Sam Blenkinsop (8th), Thibaut Daprela (9th) i Dylan Levesque (10th).

A little further in the ranking, we also highlight the 17th place ofAntoine Vidal and the 18 Remy Thirion (here in the photo). Serious contenders for a top 10 or even podium finish, Andreas Kolb i Benoit Coulanges both suffered a puncture. The former finished 44th while the latter was unable to complete his race.

It’s done ! After his fourth place in the standings after a puncture, Jackson Goldstone he managed a fast and clean run in the final to win by almost 4 seconds, while securing the overall world cup win even before the final round in a month!

His great rival, the British Jordan Williamshe did all he could and signed a good 2nd place, but the young Canadian was simply on top this season, he who has already won 5 of the 7 races and whose times rival or even beat the drivers of ‘elite in certain races…

2nd in ranking, Bodhi Kuhn completes the junior podium.

The best French result is signed by Kimi Viardot11th, whileAlix Francoz unfortunately he didn’t finish his run after shining in qualifying on Friday (5th).

Gracey Hemstreet She might as well have left Mont-Sainte-Anne with the title in hand, though Phoebe Gale decided otherwise. Already well ahead in qualifying, the Brit did it again in the final and took her 3rd win this season (against Hemstreet’s 4) by winning by almost 7 seconds.

Phoebe Gale took the opportunity to make up for some of her delay in qualifying, especially as Gracey Hemstreet was also overtaken by Izabela Yankova this weekend and finished “only” 3rd. So everything will be decided in Val di Sole in a month!

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