Despite the good health of French rugby, the 2023 World Cup is being prepared in a detrimental climate

It is an incomprehensible paradox for the uninitiated in the world of Ovalie. Rarely in its history has French rugby shone so brilliantly on a sporting level, but its governing bodies have probably never been so shaken by business.

When Montpellier celebrated with joy the first title of Champion of the Top 14 obtained in the end against the Castres Friday, when two French clubs, La Rochelle and Lyons, proclaimed Champions of Europe – the first of “great” Europe, the second of the “small” – when the XV of France made the Grand Slam in the tournament of the six nations and when we finally have in the person of the middle scrum of Toulouse Antoine Dupont the best player in the world, investigations and procedures they multiply in the supposed actions of the leaders of French rugby.

Ongoing research

The latest, the investigations carried out by the Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, last Wednesday, following the publication, on the same day, in the newspaper “L’Equipe” of the witnesses of a fortnight of workers. of the Public Interest Group (GIP) France 2023, organizer of the next Rugby World Cup.

In a press release, the minister announced that she will seize the labor inspection and the GIP ethics committee in order to shed light on the alleged facts of moral harassment and on the management described as brutal by Claude Atcher, Director General of the GIP. GIP. . “The minister wants the findings of these investigations to be conveyed to her as soon as possible,” the ministry said.

The French Rugby Federation (FFR), which holds 62% of the rights and obligations of the GIP (the state has 37% and the National Olympic Committee, 1%), has announced, for its part, in a late, laconic press release. the same day that “he decided with the director of France 2023 to convene the Social and Economic Committee so that a social investigation could be carried out as soon as possible. “CSE, which met last Thursday at 3pm and which acted” by establishing a toll-free number as soon as possible in order to ensure anonymous feedback on the reports “and by conducting” an audit by of an independent qualified expert, chosen by the staff representatives and funded by the GIP in accordance with the provisions of the labor code ”, according to a statement from France 2023.

As for Claude Atcher, directly pointed out, he states in an interview with “Echos” that he is “satisfied that the labor inspectorate is coming to investigate” and that “his comments on the aforementioned cases will be reserved”. »

Poor management or flow management

While acknowledging “a paternalistic managerial management that I can imagine is not suitable for some of the young people I have decided to embark on this adventure to become a new generation of sports experts”, on the situation described in the press, “it is not in absolutely, he says, the impression I have of the environment and the social climate at the GIP. ”

“I can’t imagine that I lost a situation like that. In any case, I decided to consolidate all the HR systems to strengthen the social dialogue “, says the head of the GIP who sees it as a conspiracy to get me out of the game. Undeniably weakened by his revelations, and pending the outcome of the research that will determine his future at the helm of France 2023, Claude Atcher can, however, argue that the contest, which will take place next year on September 8 on October 28, it is on the right track with a budget that is already practically ready.

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