Damien Joly qualified for the 1,500-meter final at the World Championships in Budapest

Damien Joly has qualified for the 1500m final scheduled for Saturday in Budapest. He scored the 5th best time in the series (14’53”47), but he feared the ball because he did not see the Brazilian Costa overtake him in the last meters. “I thought it was 3rd, it’s a bit difficult … but I hope it happens. The weather is good “observed before the start of the last series, ultimately synonymous with qualification. “After the 800m (7th and 7’48”10), he knew he was going to make a good 1,500. This is the race I was waiting for. The timing is right, the sensations are good. Good recovery and tomorrow (Saturday) there is the final. He must be present. »

“The French record is not so far away”

In series, the student of Philippe Lucas in Martigues worked without giving everything: “I saw that they were both in front (German Wellbrock and Ukrainian Romanchuk) which are a bit above anyway. I told myself to keep in touch, even though in the end it drags on, it doesn’t make sense to give it my all. I think I can accelerate the last two 100 meters. But the start of the race is good like that, he believes. In the final I would like to do below 14’50 ”, to get closer to my best time (14’48”90 at the Rio Games in 2016) and struck him. Then the French record is not so far away. These are the goals I have. »

Sick, Wattel raped himself

A little earlier in the morning, the French team had chosen to give up the 4×100 m mixed relay series, “preserve individually committed swimmers”. Marie Wattel, 100m butterfly world runner-up, also thought about it “up to two minutes before (his) career”. Located in the last series of the 50m, La Marsellesa achieved the essential in 25 ”34, 16th and last qualifying time for the semifinals.

“I really hope to recover, stop having a stomach ache. Take a good nap and go with the rage. I should.”

“We always aim to chain the races. I feel good. Unfortunately, I was sick all night. I did what I could this morning, reacted Marie Wattel, who will also play the 50m butterfly final this Friday afternoon. Frankly, I’m super happy. I was lucky, it happens in the middle. I hope to take a good nap, to be able to be competitive for the final of the 50 pap ‘. And if I can get a final 50 crawl, it would be great. »

Marie Wattel this Friday morning in Budapest. (S. Boué / The team)

For her, retiring would have been heartbreaking: “I said to myself, “Go ahead, we won’t give up”. We are here to work, to learn. It’s hard to lose when you’re at the World Championships. We want to do all the races for which we have qualified. I struggled to get my qualification and title in April. I want to honor this place. I really hope to recover, stop having a stomach ache. Take a good nap and go with the rage. I should do it. »

No worries about Tomac, Ndoye Brouard exempt from the dam

Tired of his final the day before in the 200 m backstroke (5th), Mewen Tomac had no problem getting into the middle of the 50 m backstroke (10th time in 25”01): “I don’t think it was a procedure, but I knew it was going to happen at 25”0, declared the amiens. I haven’t controlled, but my swimming isn’t very good either, so there’s room for improvement tonight. » After three days of 200 m backstroke, it took “Back to sprint mode”. “I think it confused me a little this morning, but I should be fine. I can do better in 50 and 200 than in 100 meters.”added Tomac.

As throughout the week, the other blue-backed duetist was on the water line right next door. At first, Yohann Ndoye-Brouard (25”16) made the 16th best time tied with Italian Michele Lamberti, and the two should have played in a tiebreaker. But a Japanese swimmer has retired, they will be saved.

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