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We imagine that you are not satisfied with the start of the season for your team …

We are not positive, we will not hide it … We had some good classics from Flanders Paris-Good and satisfactory but apart from two or three brilliant shots at the Circuit de la Sarthe where we were unlucky, we did not shine. in races that are at our level. And yes, it does bother me a lot. I am disappointed, very disappointed.

How do you explain it?

Like all teams, we were affected by covid: 18 of our 24 runners caught the virus in two months. Like Franck Bonnamour, we have not been spared the falls either. We also lost two of our best players due to serious injuries (Schönberger and Barthe). When a team like ours loses its most important drivers, you know … I’m disappointed with the results, but I don’t forget all the mistakes we made.

I look forward to more in terms of commitment

Are any of your runners disappointing you?

Yes, I will not put names. They know it. Some have had trouble getting back on the road, some are also having trouble questioning themselves and this is more annoying. The platoon is moving faster and faster and you have to go to the millimeter. When you’re not there, you look at the results. We can’t wait for it to fall on us. You have to work at home … We did everything we had to do in the winter during training and I think some of my drivers are not rigorous when they are at home. I look forward to more in terms of commitment.

Have you increased?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Internally. They took … We don’t have the budget of Inos or Arkéa. But in front of my partners, I think I get a minimal investment from a professional broker in return. I don’t always have it. I asked my family to join in, to be proud of the team, of their work. They still do a good job. When you see the period we are going through, it is a pleasure to be a cyclist. They need to be aware of this and want it to continue. Because for some, it may not last long … It bothers me to apologize to my classmates for not being good.

Are some of you runners not involved enough?

I’m waiting for confirmations that I don’t see coming. They should not fall asleep. Some people have to pull their fingers out … I expect leadership behavior in the good sense of the word from some people. There are also runners who should be more honest, say “I’m stuck, it’s over.” We can only exist if everyone gives 200%. It’s still stupid not to give up. Keep in mind that we are not Arkéa or TotalEnergies, but we can and should do much better. We are simply not at our level.

Currently, my computer does not want

Did you press them?

The pressure … I asked them to be more professional. I want us to be worthy of our rank. I’m not saying we’ll win races every weekend. If we win five or six this year, it will be great. But we have to give ourselves the means and, at the moment, we are not giving them. Currently, my team does not want to, my pilots do not help me in my commercial work. In the UCI ranking, our place should be 4th. However, we are far beyond (7th).

Did you make a hiring mistake?

I do not think so. Now, when you lose riders like Bryan (Coquard) and Quentin (Pacher), it obviously weighs. When I recruited Victor (Koretzky, the mountain biker), I suspected he wasn’t going to knock him all out right away. So I’m not particularly surprised.

Doesn’t this frustrated start to the season put even more pressure on the shoulders of Franck Bonnamour, your leader?

Oh, that sure doesn’t help. I told the boys, I told Franck. Franck also has to tell his classmates that if they don’t talk seriously at home, if they’re not level, it makes him even more excited. If the job is done, no problem. But here, this is not the case. When I see the level shown by some of my runners …

For example, during the last Adélie Route, the first Breton race of the season, things went wrong …

You’re in Brittany (in Vitré), you have a Breton project and you don’t have a driver in the top 25 of a French Cup event … That day, some of my drivers embarrassed me. I told them. She was a rascal, by the way. But at some point, it’s okay, it’s okay! They didn’t like it (the devil) but I also don’t like to do race reports when people ask me where our drivers are.

The team is the target of criticism …

Social media, I don’t go there much. I let people talk. I’m working. There are always people who know that. They are “pipes!” »

Bryan (Coquard), may have been the tree that hid the forest

Last season, was the start of the season better?

We hadn’t been brilliant either. Then we did a good second half of the season. In 2021, we had Bryan (Coquard), maybe it was the tree that hid the forest. Now my boys are not fools, they understand. We will soon reach another part of the season with the Tour de France and then recover from injuries. It will start again, the wheel will turn.

We are not currently worthy (of the invitation to the Tour de France)

The start of the season is the invitation to the Tour de France.

With the Tour de France we did last year, I wasn’t too worried. Now, we must be worthy of this invitation, and at present we are not worthy of it.

What are your team’s ambitions for the Tour de Bretagne?

We already hope to find a positive dynamic. We line up young runners, runners who discover the professional environment. We have a great team. Now, the Tour of Britain is not an easy race, much less. The boys are motivated. Last year we missed the race at the last minute, we would like to win. We have already won the Tour of Great Britain (with Lorenzo Manzin), it is a race that counts. We want to give ourselves the means to succeed. Will we get there? If they take the Tour de Bretagne in their arms, I don’t understand anything anymore.

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