Conference of MotoGP manufacturers Assen Francesco Guidotti (KTM): “We need (a rider) more experience in Tech3”, etc. (Whole)

A press conference by representatives of the six manufacturers involved in MotoGP was held in Assen on Friday 24 June to take stock of their 2022 mid-season report before the summer holidays.

So these are Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Team Manager), Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager), Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse, sports director), Francesco Guidotti (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, team director), Livio Suppo (Suzuki Ecstar, Team Manager) i Alberto Puig (Repsol Honda Team, Team Manager) who summarized the first 10 races of the year before answering questions from journalists.

It should be noted that the order in which they were expressed corresponded, and still corresponds, to the classification of pilots and not of manufacturers or equipment. After Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Team Manager), Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager) i Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse, sporting director), it is Francesco Guidotti (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Team Manager) who took the floor thanks to the impressive consistency of Brad Binder.

As alwayswe report here all your comments without any journalistic format.

How do you rate the first 10 races after a good start and difficulties since then?
Francesco Guidotti : ” I mean, it’s a bittersweet start to the season. I mean, the start was really mind blowing, but then we had some difficulties on some circuits. In the last five races we have been very good. Our race results were most affected by the classification, where we have to improve our performance, but the pace of the race is good and the effort of the drivers … are totally committed. We are now focused on how to improve our performance in the standings to be more competitive during the race. We saw that when we were able to start in the front row we were able to fight for the podium, so that will be the key to being more efficient in the next races. »

What improvements does KTM expect to make in the second half of the season?
Like I said, it’s more in the qualification that we need to improve, and we’ve also changed a little bit the way we work in the garage, the way we work last year, so it’s a certain automation that should be easier for the technicians in general. We just need to improve the classification, and then we will know better where we really are in the race. »

Will Pol Espargaró return and when could KTM decide its line-up of drivers?
We have already made an announcement for the factory equipment, which is a big change for us, and we need time to make the decision with Hervé and Tech3 for the alignment of the satellite equipment. There are still some decisions in process. »

This year, Tech3 has two newcomers. Looking back, do you think maybe this wasn’t the best strategy and do you think development suffered?
Of course, looking back, it’s always easier to talk (laughs). It’s easier to say it was good and bad, but I think at the time the decision was made, circumstances led to that decision, and to be honest, I felt the best at the time. I think we have to take into account many factors to make the next decision about the satellite equipment, because it involves a lot of people and a lot of parties, and especially Hervé. But yes, it looks like we need (a rider) more experience on this team to help with the development of the bike. This can be a capital key. »

Raul Fernandez, Dutch MotoGP, June 25, 2022

Remy Gardner, Dutch MotoGP, June 24, 2022

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