Citroën dealerships sell Méhari and 2CV electrics

Rare are the 100% French car adventures in these complicated times for the car. But through all the crises, the success of French myths like the 2CV seems unaltered. This is probably what prompted the Méhari Loisirs garage to do more than a “simple” Méhari restoration. Near Pouzin, in the Ardèche, Méhari Loisirs decided to found in 2016 MLT Automotive, a company specialized in the production of Méhari … electric. You will probably support it this model also exists at Citroën, but here everything is different. First of all, it is a real visual copy of the original, unlike the car produced by the Chevron brand which is a more modern inspiration and interpretation. Second, MLT Automotive’s Méhari, dubbed E-Story, is not a motor vehicle. It is a heavy quadricycle, which allows the company to avoid costly procedures for approval.

First Méhari, then 2CV

MLT Automotive has long marketed its electric Méhari, which is now the focus of the Berrezai group, a Citroën distributor in western France. He is the first to be interested in MLT Automotive, which until now only included a list of dealers specializing in leisure. Meanwhile, Berrezai will market the E-Story to its dealers the arrival of the electric 2CVs planned by MLT Automotive which is still a small structure of about ten people producing about fifteen cars a month, in a very artisanal way.

The company starts from a Méhari box but everything else is specific. The two-cylinder is replaced by a 20 hp electric motor designed and produced in situ. The motor is connected to the wheels by a simple reducer. Brake power recovery fills the small LFP battery pack showing 13.5 kWh. MLT Automotive speaks of a range of about 110 km, but in the WMTC cycle, motorcycle homologation test. Very different, then, from the WLTP cycle used for traditional cars.

For the rest, it is classic with the Méhari ABS body, galvanized steel chassis and anti-corrosion treated wheels. MLT Automotive offers three bodies that include the two-door, the pick-up (with 350 kg of load capacity) and an unprecedented three-door version registered by the company. The only concessions to modernity are the presence of power steering, LED lights and a small digital display on the dashboard. But other than that, this quad bike capable of reaching 90 km / h is identical to the original model, less noise.

The MLT Automotive agenda is now busy with the arrival of an electric 2CV “E-Classic 2CV” designed from the AZ model of the 1950s, with a range of up to 250 km. The exact prices and customization offers are not yet known, but the company says pre-orders are open.

No B license required, but high price

The E-Story does not require a B license, a simple B1 license is enough, from the age of 16, to take the wheel of this electric vehicle that should be especially popular by the sea, and with certain companies rent. Also, as this is a heavy quad, the gray card is free and no technical inspection is required. So is E-Story the perfect Méhari of the 21st century? It could be, but the price bites: € 27,990. And it can be made even heavier with full deck, driving modes, fast charger, Marina finish or even wooden steering wheel and speakers that are optional.

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