Champion of France with Feytiat Basket, Anaïs Deyres was the victim of a burnout: “When passion becomes hell”, her rare and forceful testimony.

“I’m crazy.” Anaïs Deyres, 28, took a long time to realize this, but ended up making a statement. Relentless: “I got sick of basketball.” At what time? “I couldn’t sleep anymore, I was under a lot of pressure,” he replies. I was so stressed out in training that I forgot my instructions. I had entered a vicious circle where I continued to devalue myself. I had panic attacks, I cried for hours. To me, it was shit. Shit like a basketball player, shit like a woman. He continues: “People told me it’s just basketball. Don’t worry, it will happen. “Unfortunately, this never happened …

“The best thing I’ve ever done”

If the Agen native experienced “two alerts” in Brive for having “anxiety attacks”, she locates the beginning of her problems in Ifs. During his fourth season in Normandy in 2019. “After last year’s playoff defeats, I felt the weight of guilt and only withheld negative things from my interview with my coach,” he testified. He wants to get stronger, he takes refuge in work. More than reason. It will be his downfall.

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“During the summer I prepared like never before. In fact, it put a lot of pressure on me, “he admits.” Unconsciously, he turns around. smiling, funny and empathetic girl (looking outside, she has the title of specialist), she is no longer herself. “She was no longer aligned, she sums up. He wore a mask, he showed that everything was fine when in fact it was hell. Basketball is no longer a game, its passion is slowly consuming it.

Expelled after six seasons at Ifs, the captain believes that by joining Feytiat this summer, everything will be better. New city, new club, new environment for a new life? Even 500 miles away, her demons do not let her go. Tenacious. Carry. Unbearable. “I asked myself at home and I said to myself: your whole life is one of anxiety. Either you take charge now, or it will take on proportions that you don’t want. ” She decides to consult: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I had a lot to do. “
Anaïs Deyres had a difficult season but she always kept smiling

He opens his eyes to his past: “I think I grew up in an environment that causes anxiety and I got used to it.” Locate the trigger: “The day I lost the confidence of the coach I trusted the most, I lost everything. She had nothing at all. “And she works on herself:” During therapy, you progress and then you relapse. It’s really difficult. ” towards recovery is still long …

“I was a spectator”

Recruited as a reference player in NF1, she ended up leaving the five majors of Feytiat. She apologizes: “I wasn’t so willing to take responsibility that I was afraid of doing wrong. This season I was afraid of getting injured, saying goodbye and then losing a game. Without a Deyres at 100% chance, Feytiat The applicant does the same. “.

Feytiat, too, finds a smile after going through a thousand trials. It qualifies for the playoffs. One click? “I was a spectator all season, I had decided to be an actress.” He played his best game of the season against Le Havre for the first game of the final stage: “My psychologist told me, ‘when you get on the pitch, try to play without anxiety for five minutes.'” Is better. Much better. However, it is still fragile. “Then there was the fear of success,” the winger breathes.

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In spite of everything, Anaïs Deyres becomes champion of France with the Devils. An unthinkable title a few weeks before for the team, an unexpected trophy for her. “It’s been a season of rebuilding and transitioning,” he says. Anxiety is still there, but in eight months I have reached 70-80% of the way. This title is the best I could have hoped for. “
A reward for ending your discomfort? “For the first time in my life, I put pleasure as the number one criterion in my career choice.” Deep down, Anaïs Deyres is still crazy. Crazy about basketball.

Bio express Anaïs Deyres.
Trained at Basket Landes, the Agen native began winning at a very young age by winning the French Cup among the cadets (2010) and becoming French NF2 champion among the Espoirs (2013). He launched his senior career in NF1 playing for Brive for two seasons before joining Ifs for six years. With these two clubs, he had two French Cup finals (Brive in 2015, Ifs in 2017).
This year she joined Feytiat with whom she became the French NF1 champion. She decided to join Anglet at the beginning of the school year: “I wanted to pursue my career with less pressure and focus on my job as a specialist educator. He had signed for NF2 but the club rose to NF1. Karma is positive with me right now (laughs). This will be my 10th season at this level.

Questions to … Julia Moulinard,
patrician in psychotherapy

Can a burnout affect an athlete?
Contrary to popular belief, burnout can affect any profession, without exception. Being a high-level athlete combines work and passion, which further complicates setting boundaries.

How do you explain the specific case of Anaïs Deyres?
It seems like it’s been a long time coming …

Burnout is an insidious syndrome that needs time to set in. This is why patients do not realize the extent of their anxiety until very late. In recent years, he has been led to believe that the losses are entirely his fault and that he is gaining, especially thanks to his teammates. This pattern of thinking had a very negative impact on his self-confidence and assigned him the obligation to always be better without ever living up to it.

How did you work to end your basketball anxieties?
The work on anxiety focused on three points: rediscovering the pleasure of playing, redefining priorities, identifying and modifying the different factors of anxiety. This follow-up was very special because it had to be done while managing the growing pressure with the approach of the playoffs. His unconditional love for basketball and his great loyalty to his team and his club were the most powerful levers.

Do you think he is on the right track? Will he be able to rediscover that negligence that was his when he won trophies with Basket Landes?
Obviously. This year, he has managed to juggle his work, his season and his therapeutic journey. Burnout is not a fatality, she now has a better understanding of herself and the tools to not relive it anymore. All this allowed him to recover this sport he loves so much and win the title of champion of France.

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