Catalans Dragons: Sam Tomkins: “no need to panic or be afraid”

Sam Tomkins, the Catalans Dragons’ rear guard, recalls the defeat against Leeds (36-32) and the end of the season that will begin its training on Sunday, August 7 in Wakefield (4 p.m.). Six days from the end, the captain of the Dragons – in the absence of Benjamin Garcia – takes stock.

Named team captain in the absence of Benjamin Garcia, Sam Tomkins will not be able to go back and redo the end of the game against the Rhinos. The one who is also the captain of the English team wants to be in charge of the end of the season, where everything is decided.

Sam Tomkins, isn’t that a new reaction operation you’re preparing for Wakefield on Sunday?

Of course the win will be important on Sunday in Wakefield after our last result. We need to get back to winning ways as soon as possible.

Precisely, how does this end of the match (30-6 for the Dragons with 25 minutes to go) explain?

We have been lacking consistency for a few months and Saturday was just a reflection of that. We do sixty very good minutes and twenty very bad ones. We need to change that and from Sunday in Wakefield.

Does this lack of consistency come from the large number of withdrawals (ten against Leeds)?

No. We played sixty very good minutes with no players injured or suspended. We just decided to slow down, we started making bad decisions and that’s what cost us the win.

The competitor you are digesting this defeat?

I hate losing, I hate it more than anything. I’m a very bad loser and I don’t accept defeat. And losing the way we lost on Saturday makes the loss even more disappointing. It is very difficult to accept.

Hasn’t the dressing room lost confidence?

No. We are fourth in the standings, despite the fact that we are not playing well and that we have injured and suspended players. And that’s what gives us confidence. We know we have a lot of room for improvement, that’s obvious. Regarding our squad, we know very well that we are not at our full potential, but we are still fourth. We are not happy with the way we played, but we are still in a good position.

“The only thing that matters is playing good rugby at the end”

You are still far from playing like a Top 2 team…

We’re not the best team, but we’re not the worst in the entire Superliga either. This fourth place is likely to reflect reality. Few teams have been good this season, maybe St-Helens, but not as good as before. This year all the teams have had periods in which they have not played well and that is also why we are fourth.

What do you expect from the last six games ahead of you?

To be difficult to play. But the only thing that matters is playing good rugby at the end of the season. Teams can only play well in the last month and win the Grand Final. There is no need to panic or be afraid. We understand that we are not playing well at the moment, that we are not at the level we want to be, but we are fourth and there are games coming up that we must win.

In the standings, are you now looking more backwards than forwards?

No. We want to finish as high as possible by winning every game. Our goal has not changed. It is true that we have just had a month that has not been good, but if we finish the season with a month that is good, anything is possible.

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