Catalans Dragons – Sam Moa: “I don’t care about Huddersfield, it’s up to us”

The former pillar of the Catalans Dragons (2017-2020), who this year became Steve McNamara’s assistant alongside Thomas Bosc, expects his players to react on Saturday 23 July (6pm) in Perpignan against the Giants . No matter the opponent according to the former NRL winner (2013), it’s all a matter of attitude that players have to find.

Sam Moa, when you’re training, the start of the week shouldn’t be easy after a bad performance like the one that led to Salford (32-6) …

Yes, it’s complicated for the players and for us. But our role is to find solutions. It is not the image of this club and ours that we have just sent. Now we have to raise our level and recover with a good performance on Saturday.

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What are the reasons for this defeat?

It is a matter of attitude. It was hard to watch this match between us on video on Tuesday, because the images were harsh, but that happened. On the other hand, the players have responded today (yesterday) with a very good collective session. Here is a first answer. I have no doubt, if we return to the field on Saturday against the Giants with the same mentality and good attitudes as this afternoon (yesterday), we will win.

If we arrive with the true attitude, that of the Dragons, we will win

How do you explain the move from St-Helens and these two defeats against Warrington and Salford?

Our job as staff is to find the solution to this. But I repeat myself, in defense and it’s my sector and it’s a matter of attitude. Don’t lose your confrontation technique from one weekend to the next. I don’t care about Huddersfield, it’s up to us, how we stand as a team, how important it is to have a good working attitude and do things for our teammates. If we find these values, it will do so on Saturday.

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With eleven rehearsals done in two games, where is the solution to your problems?

It has to be found among the players and among us. We need to stay consistent and united. Yes, we’ve strayed from our standards for two games, but we’ll react, I know.

Has the declared ambition of the Top 2 disappeared?

It’s true that since the start of the season we’ve only been talking about this, staying in one of the top two spots. But now the goal is to perform in the next game, that’s all. One thinks of Huddersfield, not Huddersfield. We all know that. There are eight games left and we are just talking about the next one, there is no project to do.

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Were there strong words this week and did you hold your players accountable?

Yes, on Tuesday we said things between four walls. Benjamin Garcia has spoken and on Saturday we will have a reaction, if we put the same intensity, the same cohesion as this afternoon and if we arrive with the same mentality. We have to find that team cohesion that allowed us to act against St-Helens.

Huddersfield are the only team to beat Brutus in SL this season. How are they so strong?

It is a team that plays well and follows its game plan, is complete and is not third by chance. But like I said before, I don’t want to talk about them. If you arrive with the real attitude, that of the Catalan Dragons that we have shown, we will win. It’s clear in my head.

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