Catalan Dragons: Arthur Mourgue and Jordan Dezaria seriously injured

Update: Return to the Super League next Sunday of the Catalan Dragons scheduled for Castleford (4.30pm). Arthur Mourgue and Jordan Dezaria returned injured (ankle) on Sunday evening after the test match against Wales. Once the Dragons release the final sprint. Arthur Mourgue will avoid the operation again. Nearby Jordan Dezaria fears another broken foot.

Ten weeks. This is the time between the next Super League day and the last of the regular season. Ten weeks, for twelve appointments. A summer marathon that will require a large staff, to go through the descents of major injuries and will give the order to reach the playoffs. With this year again, a dream, that of Old Trafford and its final on Saturday 24 October. “We have the same goal as last season. Finish one or two to get to the semifinals. We’re going to start this second half of the season in Castleford now. “Mickael Goudemand assumes that after the international break he will return to the Super League.

Ligament tear, but no ligament rupture

Steve McNamara, who had fifteen players selected between Saturday and Sunday (three with England and 12 with France) gave his group a two-day break before returning between videos and fights this Wednesday, June 22, and then the group training on Thursday afternoon (4pm). .
On the effective side, if Dean Whare continues his athleticism (pectoral muscle), Josh Drinkwater has left nursing (foot). Injured on April 24 against Hull FC, the mid-scrum will play Sunday at Castleford. In the other direction, two French internationals returned injured from Albi on Sunday evening after the victory of France XIII against Wales (34-10).
Arthur Mourgue, who injured his right ankle at the end of the first period, did not play the second period. He left the Tarn with crutches, before undergoing an MRI on Monday, June 20, which revealed a torn ligament (of syndesmosis), but no rupture of ligaments. Jordan Dezaria, also injured, will undergo an MRI on Tuesday. The player fears that his foot will be broken again as in 2020. Arthur Mourgue, seriously in his left ankle at the end of January, missed the first two months of competition. When management needs a maximum of their life force, two players join the infirmary for long weeks or long months.

“There will be no more cuts, we have a very clear direction”

“It’s a big challenge for all the teams now, but we are in a good position and confident if we keep improving. We will manage our program to integrate the number of approaching matches and the heat. But we see an advantage. Now there will be no more cuts, so we have a very clear direction. “Steve McNamara summed up this Monday.
Remember that a month ago three players were transferred to the Championship clubs (Cozza, Cam and Rougé). The latter two joined Whitehaven this Monday, June 20th.
Gil Dudson, injured and retired on the day of the Hull FC reception, will also have to compete again on Sunday. The pillar trained normally last weekend with the rest of the group not being requisitioned in the selection. The Dragons, committed to the race for the top spots, have a series of four games ahead of them, including three trips (Castleford, Warrington and Salford) with also and especially the reception of the black beast St-Helens on Saturday 2 July. at Gilbert-Brutus at 6 p.m.

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