Castres – Stade Tolousain: Dumora, singles

the essential
After the success of his team in the semifinals, the rearguard of Castres (34 years old) evokes the tranquility of the group during the preparation of the test and does not intend to change the recipe before the final on Friday.

The victory of simplicity. First requested by the media a few minutes after Castres’ victory on the Nice turf, Julien Dumora did not hesitate for a second to make a second round in front of the microphones in order to deliver the recipe for this classification for the last round of the Top 14. And if the rear obviously evoked the “courage and solidarity” seen in the Allianz Riviera, it was mostly the calm and serenity that had reigned alongside Levezou and then of Monaco during the week. .

“No pressure or tension”

“We have tried to set an example with the leaders, he reveals what has been in the club since 2014. Only with words, small speeches between us but we didn’t want to do too much. It happened naturally throughout the week. The coaches took a step back at the end and let us manage the training a bit. We were fine, there was no pressure or tension. We also didn’t want to play the game too soon, which shows that the youngsters are still very mature, which makes it easy for us to approach the games. And once we’re on the field, we let it all go. »
Fearful at the start of the game, caught by the thunderous start of the Tolosans, the Tarnais took a good quarter of an hour to get it. “We knew they would put a lot of pace, we hadn’t played last weekend so we were a little physically fit,” he admitted. And at the break of the water (minute 20, ed.), We told ourselves we had to take things in hand. We felt good physically and we felt they were a little less well and we were able to score again quickly. »
Once the arm wrestling was rebalanced, the Castres no longer let go of the great pressure exerted by their opponents on defense like in the rucks. And above all, it didn’t deflate when it came to playing shots. With a “red and black” defense caught several times in the back. Author of the K.-O. At the end of the match while the CO is only one point ahead (19-18). Dumora relates what looks like a blackboard after the events: “We are on the axis, we talk about the descent and in the end we see that he plays well in the closed. At just a glance, I know that he (Urdapilleta) will start with the small band and then give this low level to Filipo (Nakosi) who anticipates well and gives me this inner ball. It was what we had identified in the video, that the second curtain was often a little neglected by the people of Toulouse. And it worked pretty well. »

“We haven’t won anything yet”

With some pride in the key: “The boys were happy, happy. No one saw us winners again and we beat the odds again. It is the mood of Castres that rubs against the biggest teams and we proved once again that we were there too. “But it is not a question of seeing this success against the neighbor as a result. “We will have holiday time when we are on holiday,” warns the Bearnese. We have to take advantage of that. Since the 2018 title, it has been the first time we have reclassified. We were like kids telling ourselves we’re going to be in the semifinals again. We’ve been playing rugby for such moments, we’ve made the world proud tonight but we haven’t won anything yet. There is still this stage of the final and we have to approach it as we usually do, with great simplicity. We will be working hard this week to be ready next Friday. But we are not going to take the lead and stand still as we know how to do. “It simply came to our notice then.

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