Castres Olympique »” The 22/23 edition will be the densest in the history of the TOP 14. So a lot of vigilance. “

Our president Pierre-Yves Revol talks about the disappointment of the final, the end of the team’s season and talks about the one to come. Maintenance.

Looking back, what is your assessment of the season?

The overall balance can only be very positive. The CO had never finished the regular phase in first place, which reflects good regularity. Surely it is due to a few things, a defeat of the UBB in Perpignan for example, as our invincibility at home more than a little depends on whether we think about the end of the match against La Rochelle but, in any case, few they imagined the OC. fighting for that first place on the last day.

Is the disappointment of the final mitigated?

The matches of the final phase are special. The later you lose, the greater the disappointment. Our disappointment was at least as high as our joy after the victory against the Stade Toulousain in Nice. In retrospect, there is above all the feeling of not having rewarded enough the public who had made so many efforts to get to Paris quickly and in difficult conditions. The reception of the team the day after the defeat was still great. With the shield, it would have been extraordinary. But I still have the feeling that we gave a sense of pride to the population for the route taken and this mitigates the disappointment of the final.

After this new final, do you consider that the CO has changed status and is one of the favorites for the next edition?

It’s a tricky question. On the one hand, I think that after 4 finals in 10 years, we will no longer surprise many observers who rarely put the CO among their favorites for the classification and a fortiori for the title. On the other hand, our state will not change to the extent that our budget and payroll will remain the same and far from the most important. In any case, we will bet again to qualify and stay among the best, if not the best, in terms of investment / budget. But beware, nothing is certain. Let’s not forget that on 21/22, neither Toulon, nor Stade Français, nor ASM, nor Lyon, four very big clubs could not enter the 6. And that Bayonne reaches the TOP 14 with a budget therefore. I think the 22/23 edition will be the densest in the history of the TOP 14. So a lot of vigilance.

On the contrary, our group remains very stable and perfectible. We have had a very good season but we can improve in many points, both in the static, scrum and touch phases and in the game played. And we have gained experience that will count given the stability of the group.

Aren’t you talking about Defense and the role of Rory Kockott?

It’s good to have an Anglo-Saxon on the roster and Rory was in the best position to develop Joe Worsley’s legacy. It all started with Pierre-Henry Broncan who, beyond the small end-of-season incidents that should not be given more importance than this, has always sought to enhance the skills that surround him. Gradually a high quality staff has been expanded in terms of coaches, physical preparation, medical and logistical follow-up with a good combination of external skills and former players trained for this. Beyond the squad, this counts a lot on the performance of the club.

Has the club announced a contract with PRO D2 players but will it also include a new player with an international dimension?

It is true and it is a measured bet. Nakarawa has been an exceptional player but less prominent for a long time. He wants to relaunch in the face of the World Cup and Pierre-Henry Broncan believes that he is a versatile player who can be very useful to us. He joined us on modest terms and the coach quickly convinced me that the risk was limited!

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