Carmelo Ezpeleta of MotoGP supports Freddie Spencer: “It’s disrespectful for riders to talk like that about FIM commissioners”

This German Grand Prix comes after a Catalan Grand Prix where there was a lot of talk about the FIM College of Commissioners. Its legitimacy was clearly questioned after its latest decision, which considered the fall of Taka Nakagami a racing incident. An assessment that provoked the anger of a representative part of the pilots, including Alex Rins, for the second time in a row “victim” of the Japanese and now has a broken wrist. His comments on Freddie Spencer, the first curator of the college, questioning his discernment at his age, did not please Carmelo Ezpeleta who put things in order before establishing his residence at the Sachsenring. . Including, in addition, on the issue of salaries …

Carmelo Ezpeleta has continued his interview with Motocilismo scanning the candid news of recent weeks that have animated his MotoGP paddock. He revealed his action after the decision of Suzuki to desert, he was present at the front on the issue of the FIM College of Commissioners and its decisions, which were challenged by runners with increasing virulence. The last fact with Nakagami in Cataloniaand the consequent controversy over the classification of the test race produced deeply disturbed the head of Dorna who wished he had experienced this tension for the last time.

That’s why he invites the protagonists to show another face this weekend … ” The best thing about the incident between Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez in Sepang in 2015 is that we moved away from disciplinary issues. It is now the domain of the FIM “After this historical memory comes the stretching of the ears …” I’m not a curator and no one at Dorna is. But if a guy talked to me like Rins did or the rage of a child like Sergio García imposed on me, if it were up to me, I would put them back on track. Because referees are referees everywhere. I watch football because I’m a fan, and when they interview the players about a referee, they say “I prefer to keep quiet because the penalty …”. And they are silent. It is unacceptable for Rins to say that, and it is intolerable for Sergio García to say what he has said. And these are not the only ones, there have been many others “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta: the respect of the commissioners, I will maintain it

Anger, therefore, is not feigned. It’s even profound: being a marshal is very difficult, and you have to see how things go, I think it’s disrespectful for pilots to talk like that. I would also like to point out that the Security Committee addressed an issue of action by the previous Grand Prix commissioners, and not all the pilots agreed. Obviously I have an exquisite relationship with the pilots and we see each other on this committee every Friday and we talk about safety and stuff, and the other day that question came up and not everyone agreed. But the respect of the commissioners, would keep him “.

As he talks about a safety commission where everything ends up transcending, he also takes the opportunity to filter the issue of the salaries of the pilots that was discussed, in particular by Marc Márquez. So, a minimum wage for pilots? Carmelo Ezpeleta is stunned: ” all I can say is that there is no longer a MotoGP rider who doesn’t pay, and who doesn’t get an amount that any other top-level professional would like. Nobody asked Remy Gardner or Raúl Fernández to contribute anything. Neither Dovizioso nor Darryn Binder. No one told them: if you want to come with me, pay so much. This is not the case with MotoGP. This topic did not last more than six or seven minutes this security commission, which is now the commission of all … “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta finished: ” the former good pilots of another era would have already been happy to receive the salary now paid by the less good. I have lived, the best or the worst because I am a few years old, from Spa, from Nogaro … And the concern was mainly for safety. “. Carmelo Ezpeleta it looks like they’re taking matters into their own hands …

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