Canadian Grand Prix – Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes: Who will suffer the most from FIA directives?

It could be a turning point. The guidelines imposed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to curb the phenomenon of the porpoise and its consequences for drivers, in the name of their safety, run the risk of affecting the balance of power between three leading teams, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. Explanations.

What are these measures?

Canadian Grand Prix

Hamilton: “It’s a disaster, it’s like the car is getting worse”


They are easy to understand, but promise to be especially difficult to implement. Specifically, the FIA ​​will take advantage of the 9th round of the Championship, held in Canada, to measure the effects of the porpoise through multiple sensors. The goal? Establish an indicator that is similar to a tolerance threshold beyond which the vertical oscillations of a car would be considered dangerous to the driver.

If necessary, the FIA ​​could order the affected teams. “make the necessary adjustments to reduce or eliminate the phenomenon“. How? Probably increasing the height of the vehicle, a known and effective method to end the porpoise … but catastrophic for performance.

Recall that in Baku, Lewis Hamilton suffered 10G crashes in a straight line of more than 2 km. Which causes severe back and head pain. It should also be noted that no sanctions will be taken in Montreal as the terms are not yet clear or even unknown.

Red Bull, abused … morally?

In fact, Red Bull has nothing to fear from these new guidelines. The team leading the championship had found solutions to this phenomenon from the pre-season tests in Bahrain, and only suffers minor and episodic marsupials. Neither Max Verstappen nor Sergio Pérez are shaken vertically enough to worry the FIA.

“Ferrari made a qualifying car and Red Bull made a race car”

However, the Austrian firm may consider it unfair that the regulations are adjusted to solve a problem that is not insoluble, as some teams suffer less, and although an obvious solution – increase the height – is known to all. .

It doesn’t matter if he helps us or plays against usVerstappen told a news conference. This rule changes in the middle of the year, I don’t think it’s correct. I understand security issues. But if you talk to any paddock engineer, they will only tell you that you will have less trouble increasing the height of the vehicle.. ”

Ferrari, the big loser?

Ferraris have always carried the porpoise virus. However, the Squadron opposed any measures aimed at eradicating it. For the simple and good reason that he has never really suffered, at least in terms of performance. The drivers of the Italian team, on the other hand, had differing opinions on the matter. Charles Leclerc always considered the rebounds of his F1-75 acceptable, while Carlos Sainz often found them unbearable.

Ferrari flies over the championship … retirement: goodbye to the title?

Overall, the Monegasque and the Spanish suffered much less physically than the two British Mercedes. “For our part, we have found solutions to improve the car“For the Italian team, already very disturbed by its reliability problems, the FIA ​​guidelines are a gigantic threat.

If the vertical oscillations of the red cars are considered too significant, could Ferrari be forced to act on the height of the vehicle, under penalty of penalty? – and therefore lose all the advantage that its aerodynamic concept gives it. While he is still able to compete with Red Bull in terms of performance, this measure could cause him to lose several tenths of a lap. And so get him out of the race for the title.

No impact … on Mercedes?

Many feared that the FIA ​​would only take steps to save the reigning world champion team, which has been hit by a sharp porpoise since the start of the season. In fact, these measures may not really affect the silver arrows. Because ? Because Mercedes has opted for a unique aerodynamic concept called “no pontoon”. She is convinced that her car contains, thanks to this, an important potential that is impossible to exploit for … the porpoise.

Toto Wolff’s team is already working on the vehicle to try to limit the phenomenon. “Today we have made great changessaid Lewis Hamilton after the first day of free practice at the Canadian Grand Prix on Friday. We lifted the car but it makes no difference. “

However, the seven-time world champion, but also and above all his teammate George Russell, are often, in the race, in a kind of no man’s land, behind Red Bull and Ferrari but ahead of the rest. of the platoon. .

“Go Piastri, he’s the next big one in Formula 1”

Canadian Grand Prix

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Canadian Grand Prix

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