Canadian Grand Prix – Main maneuvers underway: Piastri instead of Latifi with a Renault, Alonso enlarged

Daniel Ricciardo is in a very unfavorable tie at McLaren and this summer will say how far Zak Brown, its director, will be able to put an end to a disappointing collaboration. By then, Oscar Piastri will probably have supplanted the Perth native in the transfer news for the 2023 season. And given Australia’s reasons for believing they have a new phenomenon.
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Canadian Grand Prix

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Indeed, the rumor is growing in the paddock about the promotion to the Grand Prix of the 21-year-old prodigy, Renault Formula Eurocup champion in 2019, FIA Formula 3 champion in 2020 and Formula champion 2 in 2021. The latter could be announced as one of Williams’ starters next year just before the British Grand Prix, which will be played on July 3 at Silverstone.

“Ferrari made a qualifying car and Red Bull made a race car”

With a contract with Alpine but not driving this season because the rules of Formula 2 prohibit the repetition of a champion, the Melbourne driver would have found a drop point inside the Grove team with the help of the French team and its manager personal, Mark Webber. . Because the blues would be exhausted by 2023 with Esteban Ocon, who even signed until 2024, and Fernando Alonso, sixth in Monaco and Baku.

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Alonso “very important for El Plan”

Why wait for a hopeful 21-year-old, promised the best future, while “Nando” will turn 41 on July 29? “The time has come for change. Fernando is a legend, we can’t fire him as if he were an Alpine employee, he must want it too,” Alpine CEO Luca de Meo said recently. in the Spanish sports newspaper Marca. in statements quoted by and to praise the contribution of the Spanish, “very important for The Plan”the 100 – race program that Alpine should take to the title, and the “very high standard” the 2005 and 2006 world champion, “which helps the team to develop”.

Specifically, Oscar Piastri could even be sent to coach Williams for two seasons, before replacing Fernando Alonso at Enstone. And we know that this option has not been very successful in the past for Williams’ incumbent Nico Rosberg for four seasons before moving to Mercedes with a title in play, as has George Russell, incubated for three years by Toto Wolff before he left. and Mercedes.

Latifi knows his seat is under threat

Speaking of him, the Austrian coach would not be unaware of what would happen behind the scenes between Williams and Alpine. The head of Mercedes Motorsport had recently complained about the lack of profitability of renting his power unit (to McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams), and his plan to get rid of one of his customer teams. One reason after another? True, Toto Wolff never digested the recruitment of Alexander Albon – a Red Bull driver – for Williams instead of his driver Nyck de Vries, so it may not be a coincidence that Williams is preparing to switch to Renault engines from of 2023 …

But in all this, would Oscar Piastri replace Williams? Alexander Albon or Nicholas Latifi? If we look at the results, the choice is obvious: the Thai won three points (one in Melbourne, two in Miami) and the Canadian has often made headlines in the “accident” section, which ends up being expensive at the time. of limited budgets. Obviously, Alexander Albon could be offered a second chance at AlphaTauri, where Pierre Gasly would replace Daniel Ricciardo, who fell into disgrace at McLaren, but we’re not there yet.

Waiting to see it more clearly, it is the seat of Nicholas Latifi that is threatened, and it is even the main target who says so. “I need to improve my performance,” the Toronto native acknowledged in an interview with the Montreal Journal on Wednesday. “I would be lying if I told you that my place on the team is safe. . But maybe it doesn’t depend on him anymore.

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Canadian Grand Prix

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Canadian Grand Prix

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