CA Lannemezan: the validated penalty increase against Beauvais!

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National take 2. Draw after two games (14-17 first leg, 12-15), Lannemezan and Beauvais were decided after an endless penalty shootout won by CAL (10-9) Crazy scenario to validate the promotion to National 2!


MT: 9-3; referee: Loic Frayssinet (NAQ).

For Lannemezan: 4P Dask (12, 17, 29, 48)
For Beauvais: 5 P Drahonnet (36, 51, 58, 67), Berrod (42)
Score evolution: 3-0, 6-0, 9-0, 9-3 / 9-6, 12-6, 12-9, 12-12, 12-15.

LANNEMEZAN: Lucy (Rovell, 48); Martiello, Ducau, Laffitte, Baisagele; (o) Dask, (m) Measure; Bonnecarrère (Orso, 68), Cazorla (chap.); Paris; Daste (Nawaqadau, 56), Liebenberg; Rixens, Manso Moyano (Tourreau, 60), Gabarre (Alavarez, 68).
Excluded. Time. : Dagger (66)

BEAUVAIS: Robert; Fartass, Tuva, Fitan, Boespflug; (o) Drahonnet (Paramelle, 68), (m) Berrod; Yonkeu (chap.), Domolailai, Simonet; Giannini, Legent (Vermersc, 63); Montes (van Wyk, 60), Santacapita (Schlienger, 45), Postiglioni.

That they were not serene, the Lannemezanais, when Simon Rixens went to the posts. A pillar that kicks, and without insulting the profession, which is not frankly reassuring. Especially with a bet like that on the tip of the foot, that is, an access to the top floor for which the right was not the fiercest support before this double confrontation against Beauvais.

“Let it be you who builds the club …”

“That you are the one who raises the CAL when you should be the only one who doesn’t want it …”, Nicolas Gabarre, released in 1968 to the applause of the public for his last bass, will be amused later, microphone in hand the XV du Plateau T-shirt. A few minutes before, the same scene but this time to pay tribute to David Dasté. “It’s true, I’m not necessarily in favor of playing National 2, but the boys trusted me,” smiles Simon Rixens, the hero of the afternoon. I had no pressure, and if I really wanted to lose it, I could (laughs)! »

The gesture of the striker Simon Rixens, author of the winning shot.
NR – Roger Reulet

Unlikely scenario of a party that will mark François-Sarrat’s guestbook. Not for the quality of the debates, but for this unique epilogue. “In my career, it’s only the second time he’s been penalized,” said Calistes coach Jean-Paul Trille. We knew it could happen, but we didn’t want to put pressure on the boys. And in this context, the importance of receiving at home in the return match is appreciated. »

He regrets choosing Beauvais

Eight days ago, in Picardy, Lannemezan was able to find the resources to win with a short header to Beauvais (17-14) after being led 11-3 at the break. A mattress that wasn’t too much like the Oisiens hung this Sunday afternoon. Visitors can harbor deep regrets. They missed six points against the posts in the first period, while Pierre Fitan, after countering a game at the feet of Christophe Dasque, was denied the try a few seconds before the break for a striker far from obvious. ..

The same Pierre Fitan who, during the penalty shootout, will miss his, offering the starting point to Simon Rixens. There are days like this … But the people of Lannemezan will not complain, on the contrary! “In general, we had possession of the ball in the first period, but we made too many handball mistakes to chain the playing times and push them to the foul,” admits Jean-Paul Trille.

In the hard second half, too undisciplined, the CAL logically saw the Picards take control of the game (12-15, 67th). Unable to make the point at home in the last quarter of an hour, to the great relief of François-Sarrat’s audience, not necessarily aware of the modus operandi in the event of a tie in both games. At least the fans got their money for the latter. Next year, unless he refuses to go up, the CAL will be one of the 24 clubs on the starting line of National 2 (divided into 2 groups of 12). “99% of us will be there, it’s our will anyway,” co-chair Christophe Schneider smiled on Sunday afternoon.

“The goal was to win, that’s it!”

Frédéric Pujo (coach of the last CAL): “Today (yesterday), it’s true, we didn’t play a great game, there was a lot of excitement on our part, especially in the second half. We did a good twenty first minutes. There was a lot of excitement with the stop of two emblematic CAL players, Nicolas Gabarre and David Dasté. Too many emotions, certainly too many, and that’s why we failed. The truth is that in the match we never put ourselves in danger despite the pressure during the phases of the victory. I think that if we take into account the whole of the two meetings, we deserve our victory and our access to Nacional 2 ”.

Lionel Bégué (Co-Chair of the CAL): “Yes, it is true that the match was not too exciting. Both teams neutralized. As I said after the first leg, a great team brought us ahead. But our players responded well and it ended with our victory. It’s extraordinary for us, but I think of the people of Beauvais for whom the result is cruel. In the whole of the two meetings, there was a perfect equality. Before we think about the climb and next season, we will have a big party tonight (yesterday). I would like to highlight the quality of the group, of our boys. They are extraordinary and I am also very happy for them “.

Christophe Dasque (behind CAL): “We won, but to be honest, I think it’s a bit cruel for Beauvais. We came out victorious with a great start from Nicolas Gabarre and David Dasté. It’s true that in terms of rugby, the game we played wasn’t terrible. , but the goal was to win and finish with a good mark with access to the key.

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