CA Brive completed their pre-season training in Bugeat

Rugby in the program of these practices in Bugeat for the CAB

Published on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 06:00

Preseason preparations are very often identical in their program. Teams like to find places that bring you good memories, with good energy. Especially for practice. By CAB, direction Haute Corrèze.

The first part of the preparation happened next to the Stadium with the physical program, rugby and integration of new players and Esperances. For 3 weeks, the group did not give up and deserved a week off. Coming back from this week off, start of the second part and what better way to start it than with the traditional training course in Bugeat.

In the absence of internationals (only Pietro Ceccarelli is there), the group remains quite important and if the creation of group cohesion is always the basis, the program changes a lot compared to other years. This year rugby is option number 1, 2, 3… There are not too many parallel activities, we are focused on the game, attack, defense, discipline.

If there are plenty of evening activities for relaxation and fun, such as games of Uno or bocce games, during the day, everyone is in the field. And when you see the state of the field, you can take a deep breath and tell yourself that it’s an opportunity not to get injured again. The grass is grilled and must have been a little scratchy when it fell. Even Dax was entitled to better turf for his practices!

During these sessions, Maxime Chalon arrived to transmit the instructions and help the team to be up to date in terms of discipline.

It wasn’t just the committee referee who brought discipline to the Bugeat grounds. Motu Matu’u soothes the ardor of youth who don’t hesitate to give it their all in terms of impact. Pay attention to the answer!

While the team prepares their game, the injured have not rested so far. Saïd Hirèche has taken on the role of water carrier while others enjoyed a boxing sequence with renowned teachers: Bakary Diabira and Soheb Bouafia.

But in the end, this practice at Bugeat wouldn’t be the practice at Bugeat without hair change for newcomers! The Espoirs received cute cuts while Motu Matu’u and Sammy Arnold opted for a color change.

After Bugeat, returns to Brive with a first sporting goal that comes in a week with the first stage of the Supersets. Just to stretch my legs a bit. After that, the program will be more dense with practices in Saint-Affrique that precede the first friendly match against Bristol. But we will have time to talk about all this.

Images: CA Brive and Instagram

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