Bolsonaro, Senna, Hamilton … Nelson Piquet subscribed to the controversy in the paddock

Nelson Piquet has often been a starter in his career. Motorsport Images / Panoramas

Former Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet is at the heart of a new controversy since his racist comments against Lewis Hamilton. The three-time world champion is not on his first attempt.

Three black deputies from the left-wing PSOL party revealed to AFP on Saturday that they had lodged a complaint with the Brasilia prosecutor’s office to demand legal proceedings against Nelson Piquet after his umpteenth controversy. The Brazilian pilot has been accustomed to media riots since the beginning of his career, between racism, homophobia and misogyny …

Lewis Hamilton, “the little black man”

In a November 2021 interview, the three-time world champion used the word “little black(“neguinho” in Brazilian) to talk about Lewis Hamilton when talking about an accident involving the British and Dutchman Max Verstappen in the first round of the 2021 British Grand Prix. “The little black man put his car in and left it because there was no way he could overtake and have two cars on that curve.he had said.

Nelson Piquet, father of Max Verstappen’s partner, clarified this case by pointing out an error in the translation and comprehension of the Portuguese-Brazilian: “What I have said has been ill-thought out and I do not defend myself, but I want to clarify that the term used is a term that has been widely and historically used in the Brazilian Portuguese language as a synonym for “paio” or “friend”. . “and that it was never intended to offend”he assures.

Lewis Hamilton, target of Nelson Piquet’s latest controversy PETER CZIBORRA / REUTERS

Piquet’s statements were widely condemned in the world of F1, by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), by Formula 1, the organizer of the World Championship, and by teams and other drivers. According to the latest information, the former Brazilian driver would now be banned for life in the paddock as a result of this controversy.

Ayrton Senna, “the homosexual”

In an interview given to the channel’s “Arrival Line” program Red Globethen the question is asked by journalist Reginaldo Leme “Who was the best driver between Ayrton Senna and you?”to which Nelson Piquet responds with a laugh: “Me because I’m alive.” Words that caused a scandal in Brazil, where Ayrton Senna is still considered today as a national icon who has left an important legacy, especially through his foundation that supports the most disadvantaged young Brazilians.

During his career, Piquet hooked Senna to the press numerous times, calling him “homosexuals“Many times. This rumor, which continued to grow in the paddock, was intended to psychologically destabilize Senna.

Jair Bolsonaro, “the savior of Brazil”

An ardent supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, Nelson Piquet was the personal and private driver of the head of state. He was even seen several times driving the presidential Rolls-Royce. Often present during the official departures of the current far-right president of Brazil, the Brazilian pilot has never hidden his admiration, respect and sympathy for the one who is aiming for a second term next October.

“I met him, he invited me to lunch and we got along well. I have never been in politics, but today I am still in Bolsonaro to death. If we don’t help him, if people don’t help him … I think he can be the savior of Brazil. ” he said in a chain interview TV network in September 2021.

But also Mansell, Ferrari, Rosberg …

Nelson Piquet’s rival during the 1980s, Nigel Mansell also paid the price for the triple champion’s poison. In 1988, Piquet commented in a magazine about his Brazilian rival, calling him a “savage without education”while claiming that his wife Roseanne was “fat and ugly”.

In another interview, Piquet referred to engine pioneer Enzo Ferrari “old senile”.

In another genre, he said of his former rival Keke Rosberg that he was “shit” i “worthless”, also attacking his son Nico Rosberg. According to Piquet, the latter only became world champion in 2016 because Lewis Hamilton was “too tired to be sodomized” – a clearly homophobic allusion.

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