Bob Jungels wins the ninth stage, Tadej Pogacar retains his yellow jersey

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5:41 pm : “I think some people are positive. “

The Covid-19 caused the forced start of the Tour de France of Guillaume Martin, who had finished the race last year in the position of first Frenchman (8th). The runner confident Western France.

5:36 p.m. : Let’s look at the positive: after his Covid, Pinot is diminished but shows us that form is on the rise. And you have a margin before you reach 100, there is a way to get a good one.

5:36 p.m. : Pinot is sure to be disappointed today, but he has shown that he has the legs to get a stage in this Tour. In addition, Pinot’s best performances come after disappointments / frustrations, giving hope for the future. # TDF2022

5:35 p.m. : What a pity for Thibault Pinot!

5:35 p.m. : Thibaut tried. But facing Bob, he throws in the towel 🤣

5:34 pm : 21st stage victory for Vincent Lavenu’s team in the Tour, 5th in the Alps after a crazy number achieved today by Bob Jungels # TDF2022

5:34 pm : Thibaut Pinot finally finished 4th in this stage, while Tadej Pogacar even managed to take a few seconds to the finish line.

5:32 pm : Luxembourg’s Bob Jungels won the 9th stage of the Tour in Chatel, after starting solo 62 km from the finish. Thibaut Pinot, despite a formidable last position, settles for a place of honor.

5:30 p.m. : Like the Tour of the Alps, it will do 2 and then pulverize a stage. the story is underway

5:31 p.m. : Luxembourg will win their first stage since 2011, but the disappointment is palpable in the French camp that has long believed in the return of Thibaut Pinot.

5:26 pm : 3 km from the finish, Bob Jungels again widened the gap on Thibaut Pinot, 30 seconds ahead. The Spanish duo is also 20 seconds behind Franc-Comtois.

5:22 p.m. : Twenty seconds for Pinot behind Jungels!

5:16 p.m. : Don’t break our house! 😉 We want to believe it! Vinga Thibopino 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

5:16 p.m. : Va David Gaudu !!!

5:16 p.m. : The distance was limited to about 30 seconds between Bob Jungels and Thibaut Pinot!

5:14 pm : What an end, he wakes up! Vinga Thibaut 🇨🇵

5:14 pm : If it’s the general fire behind Thibaut Pinot, both in writing and on social media, beware, the chasing group Castroviejo-Verona is only 20 seconds away.

5:10 p.m. : Dress or bet on hair, choose your # TDF2022

5:10 p.m. : 40 seconds for Thibaut Pinot! He can do it!

5:07 p.m. : Alas it climbs less in the last kms, it will be short

5:07 p.m. : Warning: It is not excluded that Thibaut, alone at the head 250 meters from the line, grabs a Bob Cochonou on the derailleur and slips on a plate of oil as he gets off the bike. # TDF2022

5:06 p.m. : Thibaut Pinot is just one minute behind Bob Jungels Still 5.7 km uphill. Is possible !

5:02 p.m. : Yes!!! We believe in. Vinga Thibaut 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

5:01 p.m. : He’s gone!

17:00. : So maybe … # TDF2022

4:59 p.m. : THIBAUT PINOT IS STRONG! 1’40 “from Bob Jungels! He is also gaining ground in the peloton. # TDF2022

4:58 pm : Thibaut Pinot tries a counterattack, but the shot went wide. The Franc-Comtois is 1’46 from Bob Jungels, with 8 km of ascent and 18 km before arrival.

4:53 pm : Good agreement between the pursuers of Jungels between those who do not want to try to catch up and those who are waiting for the return of the platoon.

4:54 p.m. : It is done for escapes including the Pinot group, which sees the platoon return to 30 seconds. There are less than 20 km to go.

4:45 p.m. : @ Doume04 Imagine that a few years ago I wrote an article about the delicate art of the small commission at the Grande Boucle (and the big one too). Runners do this by either stopping by the side of the road out of sight, or directly with their cycling shorts.

If they are caught by the cameras, they are exposed to a fine (between 50 and 150 euros). In general, it is the yellow jersey that gives the signal to pee in the peloton in the first part of the stage.

4:44 pm : Tour de France: Do you find it normal for riders to urinate on the road or on a bicycle in front of spectators? Where are the respect and hygiene standards?

4:41 pm : And meanwhile, Bob Jungels increases his lead over his former runaway teammates, with 2 minutes over the Van Aert group and 3’20 over the yellow jersey group. Believing that the pressure is slipping on the Luxembourger, or while Bob is sponging him.

There is still the formidable Pas de Morgins, classified in 1st category before the finish line.

4:34 pm : When the # TourDeFrance2022 passes through Switzerland

4:34 pm : Thibaut Pinot often says that the smell of barbecues by the side of the road made him want to have one in his garden. We’ll see if he wants sausage after this time in Switzerland.

4:30 p.m. : @FFLose 👀 @FFLose x @ThibautPinot 😘📸 ASO / @PaulineBallet

4:30 p.m. : Being alone on a Swiss train at 7am on a Sunday with a “Go Alain Philippe” sign, wondering if your life choices were right

4:30 p.m. : Carrying your dubious valve in a giant cardboard box on a bus, a train, a car, another train and an hour and a half of walking, this is the life we ​​decided to take to the cross.

4:30 p.m. : The French federation to lose, you know? If not, follow them on Twitter, are they very very funny? Try this trip to make a joke on the side of the Tour road.

4:46 p.m. : Bob Jungels, who escaped Simon Geschke, has a minute ahead of his pursuers, and 2’30 over the peloton. There are still 40 km to go and another difficulty, classified in the first category, the Pas de Morgins.


4:18 pm :

4:17 pm : Junglesspeed …

4:16 pm : Two riders at the helm now, German climber Simon Geschke is accelerating and his fellow Luxembourg breakaway Bob Jungels is accelerating to extend a 47-second lead over the van Aert group on the descent of the Coll de la Croix.

(A word game “board game” is hidden in this live post, can you find it?)

4:08 p.m. : Marc Soler was a beast on this climb, he was going very fast. There are only 40 riders left in the peloton with 60 km to go. Pogi’s hat-trick is imminent. # TDF2022

4:08 p.m. : It should be noted that the acceleration at the head of the platoon has greatly reduced the group of Pogacar, reduced to about forty units.

4:09 p.m. : 16 briquettes, we take stock of the news of the day.

• The 9th stage of the Alps is now with a getaway with Thibaut Pinot. Guillaume Martin, leader of Cofidis and one of the main French hopes for a good appearance in the overall standings, was forced to retire due to Covid.

• A strong heat wave is expected next week. We tell you here in which sauce we will roast you.

• The situation remains uncertain in Sri Lanka, where President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has accepted his resignation next week after being forced to flee his overcrowded residence.

• The fire that ravaged more than 650 hectares of vegetation in the Cévennes is now “under surveillance” by about 350 firefighters.

4:02 p.m. : Cofidis German Simon Geschke crosses the neck of the Cross at the head, and takes the lead in the mountain classification, destroying the Danish Magnus Cort Nielsen.

4:09 p.m. : The skimming is done on the slopes of the Coll de la Creu. The attacks of Bob Jungels, after Pierre Latour broke the group of escapes. Benoît Cosnefroy, Franck Bonnamour, among others, were left behind.

3:48 pm : It’s a bit biased as a question, because team budgets are calculated annually. The payroll is estimated to account for about two-thirds of teams ’budgets. A team like Citroën-AG2R La Mondiale has an estimated budget of between 20 and 25 million euros per year, and it is considered that the drop in advertising caused by the quotes of the brands that make up the team’s name allows to recover part of the bet.

3:46 pm : Hello FI. Bravo for your work, do you have an idea of ​​the budget (without the salaries of the pilots) of a team to participate in the TDF?

3:44 pm : But what does Politt do? Nils Politt, the Bora-Hansgrohe team driver, has just been abandoned by the breakaways. There are only 20 drivers left in the lead.

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