“Big Max!” (Pitstop Boys): How Max Verstappen’s song went viral on the internet and at Formula 1 GPs

We no longer feature Max Verstappen’s Orange Army. Very present in all the circuits of Europe and the world, and more particularly next to the stronghold of Red Bull in Spielberg or at Zandvoort, the followers of MV1 (formerly MV33) became the Grand Prix Nº. You only have to see the madness in the stages of the last Austrian Grand Prix, with jets of orange smoke and noise – everywhere, all the time – to realize this unparalleled phenomenon.

A song unites the orange army. The now famous “Super Max!”, whose chorus gives:

  • Max Max Max
  • Super Max Max
  • Super super Max Max Max
  • Super Max Max
  • Super super Max Max Max
  • Super Max Max
  • Super super Max Max Max
  • Super Max Max

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At first I was very embarrassed by this song

Sung at every feat of the Red Bull prodigy for two years, it has somewhat in spite of himself become the pilot’s official song. Last weekend, during an interview given to the former pilot Jean Alesi by Channel +, the Batau recognized that the fervor of his followers had completely overcome him. Especially musically.

So does Max Verstappen like his anthem? “At first I was very embarrassed by this song“, he admitted Channel +. Then, like everyone else, he got used to it. When he wins, “Super Max!” it accompanies him and he can’t do anything about it. “It got completely out of control. The fervor in the Netherlands is incredible. The fans are crazy about F1.”

The first time Verstappen heard the song – at least in a direct way – dates back to 2019. During a streaming session with Lando Norris in the IRacing simulator, the very teasing, and above all very connected, Brit let him discover his anthem live in front. of Internet users.

The reaction of the interested party at that moment confirmed what he had confided in Alesi a few days ago. Yeah, I wasn’t comfortable with that song. But time has done its job. Now lives in symbiosis with. His first Formula 1 world championship title acquired in 2021 completed “Super Max!”, the sound of rallying to his cause.

Barcelona 2016: a “musical” turning point for Verstappen

So what about this song? “Big Max!” was born from the imagination of three Dutchmen: Rob Toonen, Marco Mars and Jeroen Hilgenberg, all fans of Formula 1. The trio, now a duo, nicknamed themselves the Pitstop Boys, a direct reference to the mechanics of F1 . Those in the know will see a slight parallel with the Pet Shop Boys, this group that has been very popular in the UK since the 1990s.

Present in Montmelo, during the Spanish Grand Prix, in May 2016, the three friends had witnessed their compatriot’s first victory in Formula 1. A major success acquired during his first GP with parent company Red Bull, who had promoted him to replace Daniil Kvyat. For these circuit regulars, this first success rewarded their diligence. “We are huge F1 fans as Jos Verstappen (Max’s father, editor’s note) used to race. We don’t miss a race“, confided to Eurosport Rob Toonen, who acts as a DJ at the same time. Marco, who is now part of the group, is a singer. Jeroen owns a nightclub in the Netherlands.

Coming from the world of entertainment, the three men quickly understood that following the Max train was a must. Above all, it was necessary to immortalize this very special moment in the career of the phenomenon. With the help of author, composer and music producer Niels Lingbeek, “Super Max!” a local specialty was born, with a touch of “dance” very much from the 90s. The chorus was adapted from a famous nightlife song along the same lines, Johnny Däpp, by German singer Stefan Scheichel, alias Lorenz Büffel. A sound also echoed in the stands next to the fans of RC Strasbourg.

We were there in Barcelona and we thought we should do a song because we are big fans of Max. Jeroen had the idea to take over Johnny Däpp and turn it into Max, Max, Super Max. Then with Niels Lingbeek we arranged the title “Super Max!”. We did all this in a few days, as well as the clip.”

“Big Max!” : a sudden explosion

This song was not intended to be this successful. It was mostly something light and festive. This was verified because I was wandering around the web without the thing actually taking. Whether on the Web, and especially its social variations, or even on circuits, “Super Max!” it took its time before hatching.

The clip’s Twitter post on July 16, 2016 had garnered 4 likes and 1 retweet. On Youtube it was also dry diet. “For two and a half years, there were very few sightings or hearings. It wasn’t a hit, but we were still very happy with the sound“.

The indirect intervention of Lando Norris three years ago transformed everything. The group itself says so. There was a before and an after. “Ever since Lando put the song on his Twitch stream, it’s been blowing up. We reach 100,000 views a day..”

Left, right, left, right, Lando is one of us!

In 2021, Pitstop Boys has changed dimensions. “Big Max!” has surpassed the milestone of millions of views on YouTube (8 million in July 2022) and has spread around the circuits during Grand Prix weekends. Verstappen’s superb 2021 season, as well as the gradual return of fans to the stands after an empty 2020 season due to Covid, was the final boost the title needed. To celebrate, a little sister was born: “Super Max! Yo Hé, Yo Hó!”. In this alternate version released on Friday, December 10, 2021, the Pitstop Boys celebrate Max Verstappen’s coronation in Abu Dhabi… in advance. “It was a risk because Hamilton could also be champion.”

Winning bet Especially after the crazy stage of the last lap at Yas Marina. The song takes off straight away. It is now approaching two million views on Youtube and not counting listening on music streaming platforms and apps. An English version of this new title was even made earlier this year to attract an international audience. Always with this refrain: “Super Max!” – that will stick in your head all day and beyond (don’t thank us, we’re happy).

If there was only one man to thank for this musical adventure, it’s Lando Norris. The Briton helped push ‘Super Max!’ very high. Inevitably, the expansion of the song gave variants as in cycling with the version dedicated to Stefan Küng. And it’s probably not over. As for Norris, logically he also had rights to his song: “Let’s Go Lando!”. “We wanted to thank him so we made this song hoping he would like it. Then we saw him singing it on social mediaand we like it!

What’s next? The Pitstop Boys are currently working on new titles. “It will always be about Formula 1. Maybe a mixture of several drivers or a team“, Rob Toonen slides us in with more ideas. Great, great news!

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