Below: why will Fabio Quartararo be penalized in the 2022 British GP?

Le Journal moto du Net is not the conspiracy type. No, MNC does not believe that MotoGP officials want to liven up the second half of the season by penalizing our 2021 world champion and current provisional leader in 2022. However …

It is quite strange that Fabio Quartararo’s maneuver on Aleix Espargaro in the fifth lap of the Dutch GP will be sanctioned with a “Long Lap” at the next Grand Prix, in five weeks’ time in Silverstone (Great Britain). It is true that this attack was hasty. The pilot lamented and apologized bluntly …

  • Dutch Grand Prix 2022 :
  • Dutch Grand Prix 2022 :

I made a beginner mistake“humbly acknowledges the Yamaha rider.”It was only the third round and I attacked as if it were the last“, will recount the champion with warmth. The latter, in fact, lost the striker on the fifth lap. But no matter, it was still too early.

Trying to brake there was also a bit daring, because the extremely slow sequence at the start of the Dutch circuit – it wouldn’t have happened with the old track much faster and more fun, but that’s another matter – induces very low speeds and proportionally . smaller deviations to make a difference …

From the first lap, however, when the excitement of the start was at its maximum and the temperature of the tires close to the minimum, “El Diablo” had passed to its main opponent – on the track and in the championship – exactly in the same way, no shock.

MotoGP No. 20 rider @ FabioQ20 has received a long lap penalty for #BritishGP due to contact with No. 41 rider on turn 5, which had a huge impact on his career.“, he then decided to tweet the direction of the race … Let’s face it. We accept. There is no choice anyway!

But then, what about the Bagnaia that reaps Martin in Qatar, Miller who sweeps Mir in Portugal, Nakagami who harpoons Rins and eliminates Bagnaia in Catalonia … Were these racing incidents less penalizing – to speak only of MotoGP in 2022? not to be penalized?

“The Devil” would have tempted the devil … Logic!

Now you can’t try to move forward because they think you’re too ambitious“,” Fabio sums up on social media. “They” are the “stewarts” of the direction of the race that the world champion does not forget to congratulate – mischievously – for his “amazing workWithout further comment, we.

Since the start of the season, some drivers have experienced “racing incidents”, but apparently mine was too dangerous“does not understand the main stakeholder as we do.”Next time, I won’t try any breakthroughs so as not to risk a penalty.“, he concludes.

After the aerodynamic appendages criticized by some riders because they would greatly limit their chances of overtaking, now the MotoGP officials themselves are putting a radius on the wheels of the participants. That should change, right?

Ironically, this penalty – which will help Bagnaia and A. Espargaro a bit in the British GP, but could it also “boost” our compatriot? – is inflicted just as Dorna continues to harass her fans for her views on the world championship. The French will be able to let go!

In conclusion, we are not saying that we should “drink the chalice to the scots“… Before we can open a new bottle, on a Grand Prix podium, of course! Our tasty” 20 French “- who this year has climbed six podiums in eleven races, including three times in the top tier – knows this better than anyone.

With his two Spanish Moto3 titles, the boy had arrived at the Grand Prix bike in a tailor-made suit for the new phenomenon on two wheels, from Marc Márquez’s crunch (which he did indirectly, in the end …) . A dress that was cut abundantly, until he got it, miraculously ?! – in an M1 and demonstrates the scope of his talent and skills on the handlebars of a MotoGP. Go, champion, the best defense is the attack: gas!

What could (should) the management have concluded …

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