Before the race at Silverstone: four runs to score or the door, Haas’s ultimatum to Mick Schumacher

Bild is generally well informed about what’s going on in the Formula 1 paddock when it comes to German drivers and teams, and that’s what makes it a more than troubling rumor. The popular German newspaper claims on Friday that Mick Schumacher has received formal notice from the head of his Haas team, Günther Steiner, to score at least one point in the next four Grands Prix held before the summer break (four races plus a sprint in Britain, Austria, France and Hungary), under pain of losing the steering wheel.

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Placed by Ferrari, which supports him, the 23-year-old German started in Formula 1 in 2021 with the American team following a Formula 2 championship title, without ever convincing. Mick, the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, had a bad car last year and Russian worker Nikita Mazepin was no real opposition to him. But this season, the Haas VF22 designed at Ferrari’s facilities in Maranello is of good quality and its new teammate, Kevin Magnussen, is of a different caliber. So much so that he has only beaten the Dane twice in nine qualifying matches, in Melbourne and Miami.

Accidents in Jeddah and Monaco weigh heavily

And unfortunately, their careers did not change the game, as the Viking accumulated 15 points. The top ten from each Grand Prix and, since this year, the top eight from Saturday’s sprint races have been awarded, but he always finished out of points. Once ranked at the top of the Top 10 (11th), this season at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Schumacher Jr was driving in seventh place two weeks ago in Montreal when he was stopped by an engine failure.

But beyond that, two other more spectacular retirements continue to weigh on his balance sheet: his clashes due to driver errors in Jeddah and Monaco have also cost his team about 1.5 million euros, which he is no longer driving. , ni en or.

In fact, the pressure is only increasing on Mick Schumacher, already warned several times by his boss this season. “I wouldn’t say Mick has taken a big step forward this winter. We hope he scores his first points sooner rather than later because we want him to score as well.”he had let go of the Italian team manager on May 15th. “The fact is that he has not made any points yet and has already had two accidentshad supported Günther Steiner on June 16 for Sky Germany. No team would be happy with that, but it doesn’t make sense to say we put him at a disadvantage or put him under pressure. ”“ I have no problem with him, but he has to understand that Formula 1 is a competitive sport where everyone is waiting. him to act “, added the Haas manager.

An unenviable trace in the history of F1

On June 24, Bernie Ecclestone intervened to defend him and told “You don’t have to be told all the time that you’re not acting as well as you should.” And the 91-year-old former Formula One boss laments the absence of Michael Schumacher, who was severely disabled by a ski accident in late 2013: “Michael would teach Günther [Steiner] the tricks of the trade. It would help a lot. “

Drivers Great prizes without points
1 Luca Badoer 51
2 Charles Peak 39
3 Max Chilton 35
4 Brett Lunger 34
5 Toranosuke Takagi 32
6 Mick Schumacher 30

If nothing changes, Mick Schumacher, the only pointless driver with Nicholas Latifi (Williams) at the 2022 World Championships, will leave an unenviable trail in sports statistics. He is already sixth in the ranking of drivers who have competed the most races (30) without scoring. And he will return to second place, only surpassed by Luca Badoer (51 races) if he doesn’t get a top 10 at the end of the season.

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British Grand Prix

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