Bastareaud, Brunel, Candelon … Guilhem Guirado interviewed by his family

When the ball is gone, there are still friends. Guilhem Guirado, 36, is about to be hanged this Friday. In the meantime, we asked ten of her relatives to send us the question they wanted from the Montpellier prostitute. Serious or quirky, sporty or non-rugby.

Mathieu Bastareaud, member of the national team and in Toulon

I know you’ve always wanted to play with me, but when did you fall in love with me?

Mathieu and I had met for the first time in youth teams. He was as reserved as I was. We talk to each other only with our eyes. Then I made him miserable with Usap when he was playing at the Stade Français, he didn’t necessarily like it too much … But from the day I joined him in Toulon, he clicked. We never gave up. We had a very fraternal relationship. I know that when rugby is over, he will always be by my side, either to talk on the phone or in the event of a lesser hit. It is not for nothing that he asked me to be the godfather of his son. Just today (this Wednesday), I had him on the phone for an hour. He is a very endearing character who has his heart in his sleeve and deserves to be known for what he is. We played a very important role in our respective careers and fortunately sometimes we were there to support each other.

Adrien Planté, member of the team in Perpignan

“Footix”, you who have square feet and no football culture, do you agree that I should be your coach when you return to “Perpi”?

So I’m no longer zero. Let’s just say I’m average. I’m not the most technical but I’m the most catchy. He calls me “Footix” because it’s in his throat that OM is the only French team to have won the European Championship. Since he was born in Paris, he can’t know what it is. For the rest, I’m not sure it’s the most suitable for me to train, with papier maché back and hernias. He won’t be able to tell me anything.

Jacques Brunel, manager in Perpignan

What does the next 80 or 160 minutes mean to you?

The closer you get to the end, the more valuable they are. I approach them with the intention of making the most of them, I don’t want to have anything to regret. Whether I play 20, 50, 70 minutes, I will do my best to finish in the best way possible. There are very few who managed to get out the front door. The only one I know is Jonny (Wilkinson). a great thought for Rory Kockott, for example, who doesn’t have the ending he deserves. I realize what it means when I see who will hang: Max Médard, François (Trinh-Duc) and Louis (Picamoles) against whom I will play. I’m going to fight one or two last battles and knowing that gives me a lot of strength. Besides, there will be almost the whole family.

Florian Cazenave, member of the team in Perpignan

Will you finally see someone to make your feet more presentable?

Well, let’s just say that I often put my feet where no one dared to put anything. So I got a lot of beatings and a lot of bruises on my toes, more predominantly black than white. I have already taken steps to remedy this but it has not yet had its effect, but I intend to do everything possible to address them as soon as possible. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Brice Mach, member of the Pôle France team and the Perpignan youth team

What memories do you have of your first partials, at the age of 18, at the Staps de Font-Romeu?

That year I was at Staps de Font-Romeu and Marcoussis with the Pôle France. Suffice it to say that I did not go to class. It was my best friend who sent them to me. There were also Adrien Planté and Mathieu Bourret but they never went, at that time they were already training with the first team. I admit that I did not make much effort to recover the lessons. I tried to revise the ending a bit and went intoxicated with the partials. I just grabbed big logs.

Com 4 or 5/20. At least it saved me from having to show up in the second semester. I was “unrecoverable.” That year, he had given his all for the Pole. I didn’t want to regret anything and give myself every opportunity to pass the course. Font-Romeu is still a good memory. Before the exams, I was there for a week and had a good party with the other students. At the end of that year I asked for another training course in Perpignan, it was easier.

David Mélé, member of the team in Perpignan

We’ve been through a lot of things, but what if you had to save just one memory?

David had the next room in the training center. We did the 400 shots even though it was “gabatch”. There are so many stories. I remember a good joke the day before a game. We played a lot on the Playstation, until late at midnight we came up with the idea of ​​going to wake up one of our classmates telling him it was time to leave, that it was late. We had put our bags on our backs. We had taken the elevator. Once outside, we burst out laughing in front of him.

Jérôme Porical, member of the team in Perpignan

In 2005 we were champions of France Reichel with Usap in Montpellier, against Toulon (your three clubs, by the way). Two weeks later, we were still celebrating the title. What happened between the departure of L’Indigo to Collioure and the arrival in Perpignan? I have a memory hole …

Ahlala, this is horrible. There was a foam party at the Indigo and I was pretty tired. I was partying all week. Every night there were one or two boys who did not drink or less to drive. I said it was my turn: I was going to have a couple of drinks and take a taxi. We do nightclubs, we have fun. Then I want to play the big gentlemen and decide to bring everyone back. In the end, it’s just Jerome and his girlfriend. It’s 6 in the morning, we are on the main boulevard of Perpignan.

I accelerate without driving too fast and there, I forget a priority on the right. A car crashes and it is an accident. I was driving Jerome’s car and he had just bought it. I had a small 106, not everyone fit. I felt very embarrassed and blamed myself for a long time. Jerome didn’t hold me back. When I go through this boulevard again, I don’t forget the priority. We talk about it often. These are the anecdotes that make up youth.

Arnaud Mignardi, member of the Pôle France and U20 team

Are you still part of the French stick living room decoration company in Marcoussis?

So this is the hospital that doesn’t care about charity. I admit, in the days of the Pôle France, we did anything and everything. And we are getting involved. It has been arched a lot and was often going to spin. We challenged each other, like, “You can’t do this, do this,” the boy got angry and ended up with a battle of oranges thrown at the wall. We have damaged some corners of the CNR, I hope you do not blame us. We were still guinea pigs. It was only the third generation. Before there was Florian Fritz, then Yo Montès. After the passage of our generation of daredevils, they understood that the screws had to be tightened.

Julien Ledevedec, member of the U20 team and selection

At a youth tournament in Italy, after trying, you grab me and hit me on the head. Because ? Is this normal for a Catalan?

“My Juju Lede” is a mystery. It was so weird. He was the boy of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, naive and kind. Back then, at Usap, we liked to motivate ourselves differently, with helmet shots. He didn’t like it. He was a teddy bear, physically impressive but calm. It was very hot in Italy that time. They were the first steps in the selection of France, it must be said. The only way he could find a way to make him realize he was hot and shake him was to nod. I wanted to mark it. It’s a good sign to remember twenty years later. That means it worked.

Julien Candelon, member of the team in Perpignan

Once you move into office life, will you let go physically or will you stay fit?

I won’t be a marathon runner like Julien, but I want to take care of myself. Hiking, trail running, this is what inhabited me during my youth and I want to reconnect with it. I will make sure I keep fit.

I even aim to get down quickly under a yard. And it is important to avoid injury with the coating. The back has been heavily loaded. I talked to Nicolas Mas about it. I think I’m going to run with his son, Paul, who is 15 years old and plays at USAP. I will carry it in my hand. I would also like to play sports with my kids. But you won’t see me in major competitions.

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