Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku) 2022: Charles Leclerc reaches his sixth pole position of the season

This Saturday, June 11, Charles Leclerc reached his sixth pole position of the season. The Monegasque will therefore start at the head of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix ahead of Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen tomorrow at 15.00.

Only 70 thousandths of a second separated Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc in free practice 3a void that heralds a new intense struggle between Red Bull i Ferrari. While the Mexican and the Monegasque took turns exchanging the best lap during the three training sessions of the weekend, Charles Leclerc, however, will leave as the favorite. Author of the pole position on this track last season and currently released in a series of three consecutive pole positions, the Monegasque has the weapons to prolong its dynamics in the exercise of the fast lap. Behind the usual Red Bull / Ferrari match, McLaren and Alpine could offer us a tough battle for 5th place. Author of the 5th and 6th time during EL3, Lando Norris i Daniel Ricciardo show optimism before starting the classification. In trouble against his teammate since the start of the season, the Australian has a chance to shine this weekend. The Woking team, however, will have to be wary of the two Alpines who have shown promising evidence.

Review qualifications in the following live conditions:

  • Hello everyone and welcome to the live qualifying round for the Azerbaijan GP, ​​see you a little before 16:00 for the start of the session.
  • 15:50: Although the session was initially scheduled to start at 16:00, the race management announces that the classification has been delayed by 15 minutes due to the delay in EL3, which ended 20 minutes later than planned.
  • 4:00 pm: Waiting for the session to start at 4:15 pm! We let you discover a tour of the Baku route with a camera on board with Pierre Gasly.
  • 16:15: The traffic light turns green and the qualifications begin! Lando Norris is the first rider to join the track.
  • 16:18: Max Verstappen sets the fastest time in 1’42 “938, the world champion ahead of his teammate in two seconds.
  • 16:20: While Lewis Hamilton wanted to overtake Max Verstappen between corners 16, 18 and 19 to start a fast lap, the Dutchman blocked the seven-time world champion by zigzagging.
  • 16:22: George Russell goes on the attack on the clock, the Briton marks the fourth time 8 tenths of a second from the best lap of Verstappen.
  • 16:24: In a second attempt, Charles Leclerc marks the fastest lap in 1’42 “865. The Monegasque is ahead of Max Verstappen by 73 thousandths and Carlos Sainz by 92 thousandths.
  • 16:26: Both Red Bulls respond to the Ferraris, Verstappen regains the lead by 11 thousandths ahead of Perez who had improved his lap.
  • 16:29: 5 more minutes in this Q1! Albon, Bottas, Latifi, Stroll and Schumacher are in the red zone!
  • 4:31 p.m .: Yellow flag! Lance Stroll just hit the techpro on turn 7. Surprisingly and luckily, the Canadian has no damage.
  • 16:32: Red flag! Even though he was just getting closer to the turn at turn 7, Lance Stroll made one more mistake and destroyed the right front axle of his Aston Martin on turn 2.
  • 4.35pm: As commissioners remove the Aston Martin from Stroll, race management announces the resumption of Q1 at 4.40pm.
  • 16:37: While waiting for the restart in 3 minutes, the pilots are already on fire to get back on track to attack the clock. The two Mercedes are the first to come out of the pits.
  • 4.40pm: green light and drivers have 2 minutes and 30 minutes to get out of the Q1 trap! Lewis Hamilton is the first to hit the track.
  • Checkered flag Q1: Bottas narrowly escapes by putting on the 15th time! Magnussen, Albon, Latifi, Stroll and Schumacher are eliminated. Here is the Q1 ranking below.
  • Checkered flag Q1: During this last attempt, Fernando Alonso went straight and prevented the drivers behind him from improving. A situation that angers Alex Albon 17th at the end of Q1.
  • 16:50: We are back in these qualifications, green light and place for Q2! Sergio Pérez is the first rider to get on the track ahead of Max Verstappen.
  • 16:52: Sergio Pérez starts his first lap, the Mexican reaches 336 km / h before braking in the first corner.
  • 4:54 p.m .: Sergio Pérez, author of the best time, just had the first place stolen by Max Verstappen for 31 thousandths of a second.
  • 16:56: The Ferraris respond to the Red Bulls! Carlos Sainz set the fastest lap in 1’42 “088. The Spaniard overtook Charles Leclerc by 94 thousandths of a second.
  • 16:58: Yellow flag! On a quick lap, Sebastian Vettel collided with the techpro on turn 15. Luckily, the German suffered no damage to his car. The front wing of the Aston Martin looks solidly attached.
  • 5pm: In a second attempt, Sergio Pérez takes the lead in Q2 with a 1’41 “955!
  • 17:02: 3 more minutes in this Q2! Hamilton, Ocon, Ricciardo, Zhou and Bottas are on the precipice.
  • 17:04: Lewis Hamilton returns to 6th place, the seven-time world champion has been able to take advantage of the sucking of his teammate in the last sector to climb to the top 10.
  • Checkered flag Q2: end of this Q2 and disappointment at McLaren! Norris and Ricciardo are eliminated as well as Ocon, Zhou and Bottas.
  • 17:12: Green light and place for Q3! Who from Red Bull and Ferrari will occupy the pole position? Respond in less than 12 minutes.
  • 17:14: Carlos Sainz will be the first driver to set a benchmark in this Q3!
  • 5.17pm: Carlos Sainz’s best time in 1’41 “814! The Spaniard beat Leclerc by 47 thousandths of a second. Behind the two Ferraris, Sergio Pérez overtook Max Verstappen who failed.
  • 17:21: Carlos Sainz comes out on the track very fast in this Q3! There are 3 minutes left for the riders to take pole position.
  • 17:23: Carlos Sainz is back in his best lap. At the same time, Charles Leclerc lines up the sectors!
  • 17:24: Best time for Charles Leclerc in the provisional pole position! Carlos Sainz and the Red Bulls have not said their last word.
  • Checkered flag: pole position for Charles Leclerc! Ferrari pole position! The Monegasque occupies a 4th consecutive pole position and a 6th pole position this season!
  • Checkered flag: Monegasque will start ahead of Sergio Pérez. In the second row, Max Verstappen will be ahead of Carlos Sainz.
  • Checkered flag: behind Ferrari and Red Bull, George Russell finished “the best of the others”, the Briton set the fifth fastest time ahead of Pierre Gasly, Lewis Hamilton, Yuki Tsunoda, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Here is the full ranking below.
  • Thank you all for following this live qualifying round for the Azerbaijan GP, ​​see you tomorrow with the start of the race at 1 p.m.
Posted on 11/06/2022 Updated 11/06/2022

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