At the 2022 Tour de France, Béarn will be sold as a cycling land

As we revealed on January 25, the Department, through the AADT (agency of attraction and tourism development) has resigned from the ASO (for a ticket of 230,000 euros without taxes), but only for the 2022 edition, for now. After six consecutive editions, negotiations had been shortened with last year’s election. But as he hinted earlier this year, the chosen one hopes to continue the adventure for at least another three years, starting in 2023.

The writing advises you

The motivation is always the same: to promote Béarn and its tourist attractions through the Tour caravan. “Little by little, his image and notoriety are advancing,” Jacques Pedehonta said again on Tuesday. “I hope it’s a little fruitful of our work,” breathes the departmental counselor, slipping as he passes a message to the “vinegar urinal”: “Yes, things happen to us. If you’re not happy, come help us and you’ll see! »

He also confirms that the world-class professional cycling event is still one of the most beautiful sounding boards, “and the tam-tam works,” he says proudly. According to a study, the details of which were released in January, the communication operation generated significantly 296 media spin-offs, or the equivalent of 3.1 million euros in six years (for 1.8 million inverted).

Convincing enough, in any case, for the community and the AADT, to go around again. But introducing some new things. Here’s what to remember.

The caravan, from Denmark to the women’s Tour de France

It is confirmed: the Bearn caravan could have settled on French roads, but no, yes, it will leave Denmark on July 1 and will follow the 21 stages, until 24. On this occasion, four vehicles will be integrated: the tank with the image of Pau, the pick-ups for the gourmet touch and the water sports, and as since last year, the cart of the small train of Artouste. “It worked, we had Bretons because they had seen it on the Tour,” smiles the station’s director, Jean-Christophe Lalanne.

The Bearn caravan will do all stages of the men’s and women’s events. From the 1st to the 31st of July.


Bernard Monforte, alias Henri IV, will lead the race in the role of ambassador to guests and the media. Not to mention the Paloise Section mascot, Bearny, always traveling, but this time with the Seven’s collector’s T-shirt (always 100% woven with recycled material), stylized with Bearn’s imagery. In the vehicles, a Bearnaise team drives and distributes the 300,000 wooden keychains. David Toulou, for whom this is the 7th day, continues to be the leader of the caravan. Next to him, Jean-Christophe (7th round), Baptiste and Stéphane (3rd round), Kamel (2nd round but 1st for Bearn), Anaïs (2nd), and three new faces: Eléa de Gan, Elsa de Gomer and Estella of Montfort.

Along the way, they will be accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of a potpourri of songs broadcast in previous years. Another confirmation, the Bearn caravan will immediately chain the Champs Elysées of the women’s Tour de France, which departs from Paris, for a week until July 31. However, he will only take part with two vehicles, the Pau depot and the water sports collection.

Full of gifts

On the way to the Tour, Béarn will leave many gifts on his wheel. Keychains, as we said, but not only. 1,400 flags with a golden shield will be handed out on the two cows to motorhome owners on the roads. The privileged will also be able to leave with the “air of Béarn” canned by the Gratien de Sauveterre cannery. In the 300 copies, tickets for the Artouste train and five one-week stays offered by Gîtes de France 64.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s natural to be a member and the Tour allows you to attract customers “, confirms Marie-Jo Nousty, president of Gîtes de France 64, who will also offer some more stays during this month of cycling. Finally, the AADT is also launching a competition from 1 July (newsletters at the tourist office, on restaurant plates or through with various prizes to be won, including an electric bicycle.

Cyril Barthe and Matthieu Ladagnous, two champion reinforcements to wear the colors of Béarn (and by the way Henry IV).

Cyril Barthe and Matthieu Ladagnous, two champion reinforcements to wear the colors of Béarn (and by the way Henry IV).


Two new renowned ambassadors

The community had not dared so far. “Perhaps it was the most obvious association to be forged, but we had not yet concluded it,” admits Jacques Pedehontaà. On this occasion, for two years now, the two active Béarn champions, Igonnais Matthieu Ladagnous and Sauveterrien Cyril Barthe, have been playing against the Bearn ambassadors inside and outside the squad, giving their image and presence. when your sports schedule allows. . “This is the new territorial anchoring policy that we want to carry out,” explains the vice-president of the AADT.

“For a pure Bearn product like me, it is a great pleasure and pride to stand up for our beautiful roads,” confirms Matthieu Ladagnous. “It’s an honor. It’s important to strengthen our territory,” says Cyril Barthe, both of whom are motivated to “serve the cause” of Bearn Pyrénées. , in Béarn des Gaves, Vallée d’Ossau and Nord Béarn, to set up nine of its offices with the colors of the Tour. “And to encourage the public to open their doors”, explains Jacques Pedehontaà.

Le 64 sells its bicycle product

As for Ladagnous and Barthe, it made sense, “but we had never thought about it before,” the electorate notes. While the Pyrénées-Atlantiques has 4,000 bike lanes, no priority had been given to twenty steps (the redevelopment of which is planned, our Thursday edition), the sale of the bicycle product in all its forms. This is now fixed.

To begin with, the marketing unit has just drawn up a catalog of stays, for relatives or bicycle experts, which will be published in 3,000 copies. They will be distributed throughout the Tour, in particular to members of the French Cycling Federation, to the target audience and, without a doubt, to the best prescribers. In January, Jacques Pedehontaà revealed his ambition: that in 64 he would become “in three years one of the first three departments in terms of cycling”.

A fan zone on Saturday, July 21st

The Tour de France route only allows about sixty kilometers this year in Béarn, mainly in the Ossau Valley, during the Lourdes-Hautacam stage on 21 July. A quick step that doesn’t stop the party. It will be on the roads but also in Laruns, where an intermediate sprint will be organized. A fan zone will be set up on Place du Fronton, such as the one installed in Pontacq in 2019. Here, the public will be able to see the race through a giant screen. The caravan will pass at 1 p.m., the runners at 3 p.m. But from 11 in the morning there will be entertainment, with concerts, children’s games, the presence of the Bearn brotherhoods and catering with associations.

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