Assen MotoGP Manufacturers Conference Paolo Bonora (Aprilia): “There are no clear instructions and we let the riders do what they want”, etc. (Whole)

A press conference by representatives of the six manufacturers involved in MotoGP was held in Assen on Friday 24 June to take stock of their 2022 mid-season report before the summer holidays.

So these are Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Team Manager), Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager), Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse, sports director), Francesco Guidotti (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, team director), Livio Suppo (Suzuki Ecstar Team Manager) i Alberto Puig (Repsol Honda Team, Team Manager) who summarized the first 10 races of the year before answering questions from journalists.

It should be noted that the order in which they were expressed corresponded, and still corresponds, to the classification of pilots and not of manufacturers or equipment. After Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team Manager) is Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager) who spoke below, thanks to Alex Espargaro.

As alwayswe report here all your comments without any journalistic format.

This year you always have a big smile. What is the satisfaction of now being a candidate for the title?
Paul Bonora: “After difficult times, we are now very happy with the results we have achieved this year. All of us at Aprilia Racing are very proud of their results, the level and motivation of all our drivers, which is very high. I think, this is my personal opinion, which could be very realistic [de remporter le championnat]. What is happening now is a well-deserved reward for all our efforts. »

Do you mean it’s realistic to fight for the championship until the last race?
“I do not want to say anything. My way of working is to keep my feet on the ground, keep working like we have done for many years, and do it step by step, race to race. We don’t want to think more than that, but continuing to work as we did is, for us, the right way to manage the race. So we’ll see. »

How do you think you can develop the bike in the second half of the season?
“You usually say that if something works, don’t touch it, but to be realistic, in a championship as high as MotoGP ™, you can’t relax, not even race by race. So at the moment we are still working on the chassis configuration and electronics, and of course the engine performance. The goal is to give pilots more confidence. We follow the comments of Aleix and Maverick, and with the help of Lorenzo Savadori and our test team, we continue to press to solve some problems on our bike, to improve it. All in all, we are very happy with the improvement that Maverick is doing race after race, and Aleix, as you can see, is doing an amazing job. So we have to keep this way of working until the end of the season, and keep using it. »

What was the contribution of Maverick Vinales? At Sachsenring, Maverick was behind Aleix: have they already had team instructions for the championship?
“Like I said, Maverick rode our bike last year during the test in Misano. It’s something that made him happy because there were a lot of positive things on our bike. So there was only a few things left to improve in some areas. and from that moment on he did a very useful job.As you can see, during this year he suffers a bit during the qualifying stages.His ball style requires a very particular way of turning, so when he puts a new tire in the back suffers a bit because he can’t approach the corner in the same way.The last race at Sachsenring, he forced a lot with a new medium tire while most of the other riders wore the hard one – he was very confident during the race and honestly at the end of the race he thought about overtaking Aleix, but as you have seen with the race rhythms, he would surely have gotten into the fight at the end of the race if he had not had the problem of the rear device At the moment, there is no i nstruction clear and let the drivers do what they want, and as they are very good friends, they understand very well their way of driving. »

Who will choose the pilots of the satellite team? Aprilia or Mr. Razali?
“It’s a good question! At the moment, we are starting a new project, a collaboration with a new team for us. We would like to share as much as possible the collaboration and all the ideas between Aprilia and Mr. Razali. So never it comes from one side only because it is an exchange of ideas, and in the end we would like to choose the best rider for our bike to follow the project next year. ”

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