Assen MotoGP Constructors’ Conference Livio Suppo (Suzuki): “I’m trying to help the guys in the team find a solution for next year” etc. (Whole)

On Friday 24 June, the press conference of the representatives of the six manufacturers involved in MotoGP was held in Assen in order to take stock of their 2022 mid-season report before the summer holidays.

So these are it Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Team Manager), Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager), Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse, sporting director), Francesco Guidotti (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Team Principal), Livio Suppo (Suzuki Ecstar, Team Manager) i Alberto Puig (Repsol Honda Team, Team Manager) who summarized the first 10 races of the year before answering questions from journalists.

It should be noted that the order in which they were expressed corresponded, and still corresponds, to the classification of the drivers and not of the manufacturers or the teams. After Massimo Meregalli (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Team Manager), Paolo Bonora (Aprilia Racing, Team Manager), Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse, Sports Director) i Francesco Guidotti (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Team Manager), that’s right Livio Suppo (Suzuki Ecstar, Team Manager) who took the floor thanks to the 8th position of John Mir.

As alwayswe report here all your comments without any journalistic format.

How satisfied was he after the first five races, when Alex Rins was leading the championship with Fabio Quartararo?
Livio Suppo : ” Of course I was very happy, very happy to be back in the paddock after four years, and the team received me very well. It’s a fantastic group of very professional, very friendly people. In fact, in Portimão we were leading the team championship and Álex had the same points as Fabio, and that’s when I knew we should have retired (laughs). It’s a very good start, Álex has shown that he’s in good shape, a different driver than last year. Joan had a little more difficulty, but it is true that he has a certain way of approaching the championship, he wants to start calmly and be stronger when he arrives in Europe. Then what happened probably had some influence. »

How tough has it been since Jerez, and what are Suzuki’s goals for the rest of 2022?
First of all, I have to say a big thank you to all the guys in the team because, despite the news, they didn’t give up, they kept their spirits up. If you stay in the paddock, you see in the evening that the atmosphere of our hospitality is still very friendly and happy. Of course, I try to help them find a solution for next year. But what is important is that beyond the impact and shock of the first few hours, they had a very strong reaction.
For the pilots, it is very difficult to say. For Álex, he has zero points in the last two races, but it is not his fault, due to the accident in Barcelona. It was fast anyway, so I think it’s hard to say if the news had any influence on his performance, but I also think that Joan, after the Barcelona test, found something better in the setup of the new machine, and I am very sure. that we can try to end this season with good results, because of course that will help us be happier. »

Do you have any specific Suzuki news to give us? (the conference took place before the official confirmation of the withdrawal) ?
I think there is no doubt that Suzuki has officially confirmed that he will not race next year. So what’s going on, the negotiations with Dorna, that’s something outside of my job, so I can’t comment on that. But, of course, nothing has changed. No chance of having Suzuki here next year. »

Did you get any details on why they are leaving?
No. I like Alberto (Puig): no! (River). »

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