ASM players report: behind, Matsushima did not confirm and Tiberghien revealed

Photo by Richard Brunel

The young Clermontois, who will have a professional contract this summer, has taken off a lot this season, with a remarkable championship final in the absence of Matsushima (injured). He brought a lot of energy to his team, thanks to his rugby qualities but also to his fighting spirit.

Great breeder, excellent in the air, hard in contact, definitely proved that ASM could count on him in the coming years. If he has a good head on his shoulders, however, he will have to confirm his new status next season.

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Cheikh Tiberghien’s season in figures:
Number of matches: 24
Number of mandates: 19
Game time: 1579 minutes
Number of attempts : 5
Average rating: 5.55 (for the publisher); 5.46 (by Internet users).

Kotaro Matsushima

Photo by Fred Marquet

Just one statistic is enough to assess the Japanese player’s reduction: 11 tries scored last season when he arrived at the ASM … against a zero point this season. Disturbed in the middle of winter by Covid and his position on the vaccine (he was against it), he did not have the expected performance and did not confirm the promises of his first season.

Was your problem physical or mental? Still, he wasn’t the game accelerator, the space grabber, and therefore the finisher he was last year.

It has seldom been a threat to opposing defenses. And it was when he seemed to speed up a bit that his season ended with a shoulder injury on April 10 against Leicester. His adventure in Clermont clearly leaves a taste for things to come.

Kotaro Matsushima’s season in numbers:
Number of matches: 18
Number of mandates: 18
Game time: 1354 minutes
Number of attempts: 0
Average rating: 5.29 (by the publisher); 4.94 (for netizens).

Thomas Roziere

Photo by Francis Campagnoni

Small size, high speed and versatile (extreme), he has shown a lot of activity without the ball, either in attack, where he does not hesitate to disagree, as in defense, especially on the ground. He obviously has considerable gameplay intelligence, but his inconsistency is the main obstacle to his progress today.

He is still able to pass, which he will have to correct to reach a level. He is one of the young ASM who has signed (or will sign) his first professional contract with his training club.

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Thomas Rozière’s season in numbers:
Number of matches: 11
Number of mandates: 6
Game time: 481 minutes
Number of attempts: 3
Average rating: 4.43 (for the publisher); 4.32 (for netizens).

Christophe Buron

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