ASM Player Report: Vine leaves after full season as half scrum

Photo by Richard Brunel

Another disappointing season. He did not weigh enough and more was expected of him in terms of influence and influence. A thumbs-up injury in the middle of winter also kept him away from the pitch for weeks.

Parra’s departure will give him the position of number 1 in the position. A status he will have to assume.

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Sébastien Bézy’s season in numbers
Number of matches: 17
Number of mandates: 12
Game time (in minutes): 920
Number of points earned: 20 (2 attempts, 2 conversions).
Your walking success rate: 80%
Its average (12 times annotated): 4.96 (writing); 4.84 (Internet users).

Baptiste Jauneau

Photo by Franck Boileau

He got off to a great start in his first season in the Leicester Champions Cup. A convincing baptism of the game. He was also regularly called up to the French under-20 team. At 18, he has high hopes and represents the future.

Baptiste Jeaneau’s season in figures
Number of matches: 2
Number of mandates: 1
Game time (in minutes): 59
His average (scored 1 time): 6 (writing); 7.34 (Internet users).

Morgan Parra

Photo by Thierry Lindauer

His thirteenth season at ASM was his last. He was presented with a magnificent farewell ceremony during the reception in Montpellier. Before, he had answered. Especially in terms of playing time above average despite a rib injury at the start of the season.

He resumed his head role as the yellow and blue ship swayed. He also helped twice as a half fly. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

It is true that his legs began to feel the weight of the years in terms of vivacity, but his vision of the game remained as current as ever. In short, another full season.

Morgan Parra’s season in numbers
Number of matches: 22
Number of mandates: 17
Game time (in minutes): 1351
Number of points earned: 192 (1 trial, 41 penalties, 32 conversions).
Your walking success rate: 82%
His average (16 times scored): 5.71 (writing); 5.74 (Internet users).

Kevin Viillard

Photo by Francis Campagnoni

He still had to settle for the springs in terms of playing time, which inevitably hampered his progress. Parra’s departure will in principle offer him more possibilities than he will have to take advantage of.

Kevin Viillard’s season in numbers
Number of matches: 13
Number of mandates: 3
Game time (in minutes): 277
His average (16 times scored): 5.50 (writing); 5.65 (Internet users).

Didier Cros

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