ASM Clermont: team manager Aurélien Rougerie, the pulley of the group

Sitting in a Marcelo Bielsa-style fridge, Aurélien Rougerie examines the players’ behavior during the training session. We are on the edge of the Tignes station rugby field, and the emblematic former captain does not hesitate to lend his voice to encourage anyone who needs it. “Come on Miles (Amatosero), wait! “A few minutes later, the young hopeful from the third line, Cyriac Guilly, limps out. Aurélien Rougerie is the first to come and ask about the player’s health… “Is it the knee that was twisted? »

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Taking over as team manager following the departure of Neil McIlroy last December, the former three-quarter center back has been drawn closer to the field. Today, Aurélien Rougerie is an integral part of the staff and participates in the decisions that are made regarding the life of the group, but also and above all in the actions that need to be put in place to improve the performance of the team. Aurélien Rougerie thus supervised from A to Z the high-altitude route at the Savoia station. Last June he went there to supervise the facilities.

leave nothing to chance

“In Belfast, last January, with Jono (Gibbes) and the staff, we were discussing a future practice to do at the beginning of the season. I presented them with the idea of ​​coming to Tignes. Some players already had the experience of coming here. And Jono liked the idea. I came in reconnaissance with Jean-Paul André who is the intendant to see if everything we wanted to do was possible and achievable. A few weeks later, here we are in Tignes, very well settled in the Bouvier house. And when we look at the training ground, we see that the station has been activated to welcome us. »

Leave nothing to chance and optimize everything down to the smallest detail, that is the credo of the new team launched by Jono Gibbes. A mode of operation to which “Roro” fully adheres.

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“I adapt to the demands of the boss who is Jono. But in the staff, we are all at the service of others and it is very nice. For example, we help Jean-Paul André who has material to transport. We help medical staff who need special facilities for their care. We also help coaches with their needs. We are a team. »

Of course, Aurélien Rougerie has not forgotten his past as a player. This not-so-distant experience (he retired in May 2018) allows him to have privileged contact with the players. In his role as head of the team, the former captain does not hesitate to go to the squad and liaise with the coaches.

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“I’m a bit like the cube, the pulley. I have to be aware of everything so that everything goes well and that everyone has the necessary information at the right time. I avoid entering players’ rooms. But at 6 in the afternoon we started a kind of aperitif. But not in the sense of the third half. It’s more about talking over a drink and getting to know each other. You know, guys, we see them every day, but we don’t necessarily know them. »

This Thursday evening, after a bike ride through the Col de l’Iseran, everyone will meet around a barbecue to conclude this high altitude course in a friendly way. “Without exaggerating either. I’m also here to keep an eye on things. “The team manager, Aurélien Rougerie, is very keen on everything.

He is still a member of the recruitment unit

Upon his retirement in May 2018, Aurélien Rougerie took charge of the creation and management of the club’s recruitment unit. Four years later, his role has evolved, but the ex-player still has influence on the field by remaining an active member in these prerogatives directly linked to the athlete. “In that aspect of my mission, I felt a little frustrated because I didn’t really have a free hand because of the salary cap. The arrival of Didier Retière in the sporting direction and the complicity in the squad allow us to do things correctly today. Chairman Jean-Michel Guillon’s work with the National Rugby League must also be applauded, which has allowed more room for maneuver in terms of the salary cap. »

Arnaud Clergue

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