ASM Clermont passes the quarter at the start of a new week of preparation

The ASM Clermont players, on the bridge since July 18, began their fourth week of preparation on Monday.

This Tuesday afternoon under a scorching sun they gathered for a little over an hour at the Philippe-Marcombes stadium for a collective session in front of nearly 800 people who had taken refuge under the shaded stands of the Clermont site. .

“Not everything was perfect, which is normal for a second session today. But the guys’ investment was there. It’s also nice to meet the crowd. It brings extra energy.”

Jono Gibbes (ASM trainer)

After a first block of three weeks dedicated mainly to physical work and a cohesion practice in Tignes in the middle, the Clermontois entered a new stage more oriented towards rugby and technique with the start of the implementation of set-pieces and strategies

“After looking to put the players in physical difficulties and in stressful conditions, we are now in another phase. In this second blog we are more demanding about the rugby itself, looking to be more precise even if we are not yet thinking about the next preparation matches (editor’s note : in Hyères, against RC Toulon, Friday 19 August then against Bordeaux, in Issoire, 26 August) and even less in the first match of the Top 14 (3 September at the Stade Français).

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These first three weeks of coexistence have also made it possible to integrate new players who have come to strengthen the squad pending the arrival of Australian international Irae Simone next week and that of Argentine winger Bautista Delguy at the end of the month .

“Having two experienced fly-halves (Plisson and Belleau) makes it easier because they are central to the organization of our game. For Alex (Newsome), the language barrier comes into play but the rugby it’s universal. As for Loïc (Godener) and Julien (Hériteau), they’ve already blended well with the group,” says Jono Gibbes.

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Damian Penaud retained with the XV of France during the tour of Japan is to return next week. Fritz Lee, who played for the Samoans, is expected at the end of the month, while Argentina’s Tomas Lavanini will not return until October.

Didier Cros

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