ASM Clermont: Apisai Naqalevu unavailable for several months, black streak continues

First time for ASM this season. Apisai Naqalevu will not be available for many weeks yet. The Fijian center three-quarter ASM Clermont had to have surgery on his left forearm again. Naqalevu (33 on August 21) will not be able to resume competition until November at best.

In November, at best

The center had fractured his forearm on March 13 at the start of the game against UBB (26-23 win). Which had deprived him of the end of the season. A calcification problem forced the Fijian international back to the operating table.

The central has multiplied serious injuries in recent seasons. He had already fractured the same arm in June 2021 against La Rochelle and had already had to undergo surgery. A month after returning to competition, she broke a bone in her hand during a November match with the Fijian team and was sidelined until January.

Simone available at the end of August

On the other hand, ASM Clermont will be able to count on Irae Simone from the start of the season. The club has reached an agreement with the Australian national team. The three-quarter center will only play the first two games of the Rugby Champion Ship for the Wallabies against Argentina. Simone should land in Auvergne in mid-August so he can feature in the first match of the Top 14 at the Stade Français on September 3.

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Another good news, the Argentinian winger Bautista Delguy (ex USAP) retained by the Pumas, will not play the entire competition of the nations of the southern hemisphere either. According to the agreement reached between the ASM and the Argentine leaders, Delguy should arrive at his new club at the end of August.
On the other hand, Tomas Lavanini will play the entire competition. The Puma will not return to Clermont until October.

In addition, Peceli Yato (knee) and George Moala (foot), injured at the end of last season, are in the recovery phase.

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The Clermont players who finished their third week of training this Thursday will have three days off before resuming on Monday, August 8.
Training open to the public. Next Tuesday, August 9, at the beginning of the afternoon, a training session will be open to the public at the Philippe-Marcombes stadium.

Didier Cros

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